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Are your social firewall and antivirus ready? Code yourself part III

Understand the sources of wrong subroutines codes in your functional subconscious program. Prepare and activate your social firewall and antivirus.

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Learn your own code

If we feel that it is too complicated to understand how the various programs of our self work. Moving back on the timeline to when this program was just a few lines of code will help us understand the case better. Read it in this chat

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Is the self static?

Whatever is your self perception,. It is an idea that we had bought in to and we can change it freely. Learn how this image was built and how to change it

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Why restless mind is a block on the road? Block 4.

Restless mind distracts us from the gaps between thoughts where we can find the inspirations and new flashing ideas that guides us to a new path.

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6 Tools to Boost your conversion

We have an undeniable value within us.The world needs this value. What is remaining is to make our valuable gift within the world’s reach. That’s what we call Conversion Know these 6 tools to Boost it.

Empowerment Environment self development self help

In The Way to your Unique Gift, Block 3: Joy vs Entertainment

From the distractions on our way to make our unique gift a reality, is the misconception that the media entertainment brings joy to our life.

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The Three Faces of Your Coin

There is hidden link between you and the world. This link is Your Coin. Your gift is needed and awaited for. It can only be received when you mint Your Coin

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Well-Being vs Thoughts vs Coronavirus

Be aware of this trilogy, Well-Being vs Coronavirus vs Thoughts, how are they linked? Find your way to well-being. Know that thoughts can defeat fear.