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Where your compass points?

Follow your compass. Do not compromise your desire as you will hate the result. Also, Do not just rush to fulfill a point and resist detours.

We had reached a conclusion in our previous chat that desire is the mother of intention. The desire is like the compass that points to where you need to go. Intentions keep the compass aligned and shield it from the environment distortions. When someone says that you can’t have intentions without a desire, this statement is not completely correct. It is true version is that you can’t have real intention that serves you without having a desire that is really yours. How to know that your desires and intentions are really yours? We had answered this in detail here: why you may give up on your free will?! So today we are going to elaborate a little more on the relation between desire and intention. And, how to protect you compass needle without locking or breaking it.

First things first, What flows in the pipeline between intentions and desires?

You need to find out the feeling that pops up when you visualize that your desire is fulfilled. That’s where your compass should point to all the time while you are setting, pursing and reviewing your intention and the steps taken towards it. The desire in its primitive form points towards physical achievement. This physical representation of the desire is the mind embodiment of what can bring you this feeling that you really want. When you have a burning desire of taking a cup of coffee. The feelings the sip of coffee and its aroma bring to you stimulate the desire. Actually you need this feeling. If you opened that coffee pot and took a deep inhale -If it was of a good fresh one- you will reach to this feeling without actually drinking it.

Your mind hooks you in the desire of taking a cup of coffee. Your brain responds by injecting some chemicals in your blood that deepens your need of a cup of coffee. All these work together that you intend to go get a cup of coffee. In the physical realm, you will take some steps to fulfill your intention that will in turn fulfill your desire. In the reality which is the energy realm, the feelings associated with drinking the coffee was downloaded. That what was really fulfilled, your feelings. The compass was all the time pointing towards the feeling. However for most of us to get the feeling we need the physical embodiment of it, a cup of coffee.

Are you persistent, stubborn or assured?

Intentions are thought of as the strong determination on something till it unfolds in your life. Well, that’s only one side of it and, I would rather call it persistence. Whatever you persist to do will be part of your reality and it will shape your timeline. What that means? It means that events will come to your environment to support your selected path. Or, to correct it when distracted from your selection or misled in one of your steps.. That’s how your focused energy affects where the compass points.

The repetition is a key factor to program yourself on the new habit or hobby as exercising, reading or even cooking. In same manner, it is important to make your vibrations most of the time aligned with your goal. How to align energy vibration or vibes with a physical goal? Simply by remembering the good feelings that you would have when you reach your desire. The next level would be maintaining those good feelings in every step towards your desire. Insistence can be a door to persistence. With awareness you grow proficient in what you focus on. Why? Because related topics start to unfold in your life and you are aware how it unfolded. Then, you are experienced with repeating the process that unfolded those results.

Insistence and persistence are not all the way good

Persistence has a drawback. That’s when you are too much attached to an exact outcome. Why?

  • You are shifted from insistence to being stubborn
  • Stubborn mentality do not accept advice or detours to an easier path or a better end point.
  • Focusing on the end result and not enjoying the path to it.
  • Forgetting the feelings behind that outcome and longing for an exact outcome.
  • Trying to control the materialistic realization behind your intention.
  • The control sometimes or most of the time is ego based. The true self and the soul seeks good feelings. Good feelings like feeling at peace, at ease, relaxed, joyful are pathway feelings. Do not link them to manifesting a certain target. Ego seeks comparison based feelings. Focusing on feeling pride stems from comparison with others.
Why Being stubborn is bad?

Resisting anything but a certain outcome is somehow deceiving. When we follow our desire, we make an intention, we focus, we raise our vibes and take many other steps to reach a certain target, why this is a wrong path?

It is not a wrong path when it moves easily. Even little bumps in the direction we had set to an end target are acceptable. When guides points to an alternate destination, we need to loosen the control. Look for an answer if this new destination is from the soul. Being stubborn is to resist the change and insist on the same point as a target. Maybe the previously set destination would show up different feelings from what we were really desiring in the first place. Our real desire was associated with feelings that cause high vibes on the road and at reaching the target. But, we are not alone in this universe. Might this target itself has changed and became not suitable for us.

Life example and proposed solutions:

A nice easy life-example that I had seen 3 times in my life. When you are growing, you have a certain dream car. It might not be a seven-star one, but surely those three felt a desire towards those cars due to an environment stimuli. They had set a stubborn rush intention to own them. They were growing up and they started to have some spare money that they can invest in a car. That’s a fork on the road either you start small. That’s in case you are not using you parents unlimited credit but you are a self-made human. Or, you insist to have your first car as your dream car and model.

Once they had enough money they chose to get a used old model of their dream. They didn’t thought of anything but fulfilling this long waited stubborn desire of riding a BMW, a Jeep or a VW car. The three examples, ended up shortly suffering from the maintenance and inefficiency of their cars. They were having the choice to wait or to get a better value for the amount of money they saved. This can be done without compromising your dream Just by:

  • Wait and continue saving till getting their dream car in a good condition.
  • Selecting a newer or smaller car from a different brand for now.
  • Then, continue saving till getting their dream car in a good condition.
  • You can find a fulfilling in rentals of the car brands you enjoy most.

If you managed to find an escape in rentals. So rent the most advanced luxurious cars and the brands you thought of. And, end it up owning the cars that your intuition, logic and, budget guide you to. The car model you grow up dreaming of might be imprinted in your mind out of social perception or ads. It might be not your real desire. Because real desire is a desire of feeling luxurious, comfortable, ease of mind and fulfilled.

Take a way wisdom

The target is not to compromise your desire till you hate the result. Neither it is to follow only the logic and budget till you regret the unfold. There is a magical midway only your intuition knows. It follows your clear intentions of what you need to feel in your car. Do not select just a point-target that you rush to fulfill and resist any detouring from it. Instead follow the intuition that will guide you to the feelings you desire.

When you don’t achieve some target make sure that there is a wisdom behind that. Being stubborn or ego driven towards your target lowers your vibes. It makes you unconsciously label this target as painful, tiring or, intimidating. Those titles invoke that this target wont bring you joy. So, why your spirit wont guide you there!! wise spirit.

The other way and the easier one is to have subtle but clear intention. Request what you want and be assured that it has been guaranteed to you. Let us chat more about that in a next chat.

Also, leave us a comment below and let us discuss about it.

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