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Subtle heart intentions, the real magical life

Heart intentions are very powerful tool. Know how pure intentions are set. Learn why sometimes we set unwanted intentions & how to clear them.

That’s the pinnacle of your efforts to fulfill your desires. It is when you feel your desire is tingling in your heart followed by a smile on your face. Your intention is very soft, very yours, without reasoning, wrapped up in a subtle believe and few moments later, you pursue you normal daily life. You had placed the perfect intention to the universe and, those are the intentions that will be fulfilled no matter how many years passed. Who didn’t try those moments??! There are moments when you are conscious and connected with little or no noise from outside. The intentions placed in those moments without attachment are magically fulfilled. The more important benefit is when you relate to those moments and get flattered by the magic you had done.

When you forget to thank yourself for a manifestation

When this desire that is followed by a subtle pure intention then, you are really in the deepest spot of your heart. That’s when you want it but not attached to its flourish. The intention is fulfilled and materialized but at the moment of intention you were surrounded by distractions and at the fulfillment moment you were also surrounded by noise. As a result in both moments you won’t be able to sense the magic of fulfillment or link it to your desire and intention in their best version. Without patting on your back and acknowledging yourself of a well job done, you won’t be able to repeat it. But do those heart intentions gets activated in the midst of noise?

The forgotten intentions

Yes, that’s when center of intentions -the heart- is touched by a thought that generated a feeling. The thought and feeling where pure and clear for a glimpse. You launched an intention or a request that you may not remember. The heart then interpreted it as a desire and intention and launched it to the universe. As you didn’t chew it much, didn’t alter it, didn’t add some make up, didn’t add attachment, didn’t dislike it and so on. It is threaded into your timeline.

Once the universe is finished knitting, it will deliver it to your front door. You will be surprised from the delivery. It might be a good surprise or not that good. Anyhow you perceive it, it is yours. So consciousness is a bless. Without it there are too many valid reasons to overlook desires fulfilled through ıintentions. Example: I am busy, I am tired, I am stressed, I am out of mood are all valid reasons to be distracted and not conscious. The trap lays when you launch unconscious intentions in those moments then you get surprised by the delivery. Sometime, it is a good one but, sometimes not.

Flow out of the comfort zone to materialize a desire

We had explained the flow from desire to intentions, to believe and then realization through the previous couple of chats :

There is one vital milestone here. The life process is designed in a way that you need to flow with desire direction not to keep gazing at your compass. You need to look ahead and keep moving forward. What you will carry with you across your trip are the delightful feelings of being there without being there actually; as if you are already there. The ease of mind, joy and contentment are your take way indications that you are still on the right track in the right way.

I remember Fredrick Dodson who is the father of Reality Creation alerting from keeping stuck at the desire phase. You are rooting deep the feelings that you don’t have what you desire. You get addicted to the desire feelings that you stay at square zero. Use the fuel of the desire to move forward and go out of square zero. Convert your desire to intention and take some actions even as subtle as clearing your energy field from the blocks opposing the materialization of the desire.

Move in your path mindfully enjoying the trip and be attentive to the events that happen in your timeline. This attention will allow you to pick the events that supports your real intention and exploit them. Your consciousness also will allow you to catch the teasers and distractors that pop up in your mind.

When you intend while you are stressed. This intention is a reaction to an external stimulus. It would be loaded with all the negative emotions that you try to overcome when fulfilling your intention.

Stressful based intentions

Conscious hear intentions
Conscious Heart Intentions

Some of us believe that stress compresses your spring to the end. If before breaking you managed to launch it, thent he energy you gain from this stressors will boost the realization and materialization of your intention. It will help you overcome the obstacles and the pain on the road. The last statement is where the trap occurs. Yes, this negative boost of your energy will charge you to break the chains. But, the road will be accompanied with pain and challenges. The stress may continue or increase but you are still moving on the route to liberation. As we said that your road will be of equal vibration to your vibrations. If you attach pain and frustration to your experience to kick you up, you will encounter some milestones of the same vibes.

The real problem lays in the achieved end target. If you desire to do good for yourself and maybe those close to you, you will reach this goodness target. In case your desire was to escape from a certain feeling or low quality of life or work, soon you will reinvent the same qualities in your destination because you carried them all the way. The worst case scenario is when your desire from the trip is to cause pain even a psychological one to other human. You had sentenced your Karma to pain. To escape this destiny, make sure that your intentions points to goodness for you and others. Moreover, let go of any painful stressors whether humans or situations that stimulated this desire. Focus on what transforms your life positively not what decreases it negativity.

Where does longing come from?

This longing is passed to you through your environment. That’s when you are all taken by an idea from your community or your media goddesses. You think it is a desire but it is actually a longing for a material outcome. You feel as if you want it so much and you have a burning desire for it. Once, they release their hands from your eyes and ears, you lose the passion about it and you slow down your actions. But they are well aware of us, So, the ads or the talks continue and you get stimulated again.

Like this you continue to hope-on and hop-off your trip. Either you reach your target but without the wow factor they promised you or, you quit once and forever neglecting whatever lost on this road. The desire was not yours in the first place. However you converted it into an intention. But you find that you need a lot of boosting to continue the road. You can know if the road is yours by monitoring your behaviour. When you stop for a rest, you are willing to continue the road without those external motivators or in fact thrilling temptations

In Conclusion,

Heart intentions are very powerful tool. Any intention issued from the heart is fulfilled if we don’t block it or change it. Unaltered intentions that are accompanied by a tingling or a feeling in the heart are pure intentions. Pure intentions are not only good intentions. They can equally be good or not that good for us and the others. When we are stormed by surrounding external situations, still we can issue heart intentions that are destined to be fulfilled.

Unfortunately those intentions issued from the heart under stressful times can be hurtful to us and others. The problem lays in that after the storm passes we forget those intentions. It is important to relate what is unfolded in our life to what we intended. Once you decided to set only conscious intentions, you can set an intention of clearing the old forgotten intentions. This way you can escape the bad surprises and consciously plant the ones that serve you. Stay safe and conscious.

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