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The believe in healing, a great step to Well-Being.

Your body is created with the healing capability it needs. Escape those three blocks to receive the messages of the intuition to heal yourself.

One of the most important parts of life is the physical body. There is no doubt about its importance because without a physical body you can’t be existing in this reality. Even your pet, your cat, dog or parrot can’t play with you if you don’t have a physical body or they don’t have ones. Maybe at some point in the future you could accept to replace them with holograms or robots. But for the time being we are accustomed to enjoy spontaneous reactions from other living colleagues in this earthy reality.

How much we care or are scared about our body?

A small scar or pimple that affects your dimble can ruin you day or days till it disappears. A more series internal symptoms can have a less frightening effect as long as you look great based on your perception of a great look. On the other hand, having a charm outlook and an active body do not mitigate the unidentified back pain or stomach. Those group spend restless days looking for a medical reason for this feeling till they find it and then get depressed bout it. There is a third group which ignores any alerts from the body and push their body to look the same and perform as usual till it breaks down.

Those three models are the extreme edges of the relation between you and your body. Based on the researches of many scientists and gurus as Joe Dispenza, Bernie Siege, Bruce Lipton and Deepak Chopra there is a better approach to our relation with our body. This relation is based on three main cornerstones:

  • Don’t let the perception, diagnosis or prognosis about your body scare you that you lose the freedom of making your own choices.
  • Start or enhance how you listen to your body messages and to your intuition
  • Believe that your body can heal. Everything you select as a treatment for a scar or a more series medical or mental condition is a helping tool for your innate healing intelligence. You can find some mental support for the current hard time in this article.

Why we may have an unhealthy relation with our body?

First things first. If we are speaking of our relation with our body, then we are not our bodies. Because the relation is between two or more parties. Actually, at least, there are at least three of us living this experience. you can read more detail in this chat : Key Four, Physical Body, The battlefield. In short, there is me who observes my body. Then, there is my subconscious mind which stores my thoughts as well as other thoughts in my environment. And there is my body which is the bio mechanical representation of my existence.

Some of the unhealthy forms of relation between people that hold true for the relation between body, mind and us are:

  • The Attachment, you are afraid to lose this person or this job. It is similar to your attachment to your body, how it looks and if it fits.
  • When you Enforce or Impose your ideas and beliefs on someone. It appears in your subconscious mind when it enforces an unsupportive perception of the consequences of a current condition.
  • Negligence or undermine of others advices. When you don’t believe your intuition and chose the more difficult path.
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Escape to the healing possibilities

Attachment to our bodies

All of us had a perception that the deterioration of the physical body is an indication of an approaching end to this trial on planet earth. Also, our subconscious mind recalls the stored memories relating illness or health disorder and suffering. This idea is frightening because without a healthy body and accepted body it is not easy to enjoy the well-being.

There is another hidden face of the reality. The life on earth was born to continue. This continuation of life is based on the preservation of healthy bodies for the living creatures. The definition of the healthy body can be as simple as allowing the living creature to live fully functional life in its environment. Let we demystify this definition.

A fully functional life

You can do what you want, eat, drink, move, walk, run, dance, sleep, talk, see, dream………, that’s a very long list including all the verbs in the language. Simply, to live the well-being is to live capable, able and willing to do everything you can do in life. Then, after you don’t have any limitation or incapability’s, you select what you want to do and what you don’t want.

One of the basic limitations that challenges humans to live the well-being is the body limitation. People who are not living to their full physical potential are on two folds. They are either trying to protect this body to the full. They are afraid from anything that may harm the body. Or, they are suffering some misfunctioning in the body. And, they have the perception of their incapability to heal it back to be full functioning.

Subconscious mind enforcing unsupportive perceptions

It is all about perception. If you flashback to our previous chat about heart intentions: Subtle heart intentions, the real magical life, you can see that a real desire can move the mountains. But there is a little but powerful road block here. You may desire to be healthier or to cure from a certain illness. Your desire stimulated your intending for a healthier version of you. That’s great however, the stories that this illness is never going to cure but will just be better and tolerable flashes in you mind. That is exactly when you light a candle to see in the darkness, then blow it off immediately.

The best explanation for this point was from Dr. Joe Dispenza. As he was telling his curing story from the accident that he had, there was an AHA moment. When he was mentally restructuring his spine, he found that after the session he returns to normal life thinking. Some of the thoughts were about selling his clinic and changing his home. After few days, he discovered that those ideas implies that he will continue his life ill and on a wheeled chair. That’s totally opposite to what he was intending. That was a road block to his recovery. He focused on imagining himself enjoying a normal healthy life. That boosted his intentions and his mental healing process till he physically recovered.

This mental opposing block could be for any intention even the small ones. You could intend to wake up early but you think about how tired would you be during the day. You can intend to walk but you think about the cold or hot weather.

Neglecting intuition. Refusing the easiness of healing.

If animals and ancient humans did it, You can do it too. Have a look to the animals and plants in their natural habitat in this excerpt from The Guardian post:

Effectiveness of animal self-medication is also revealed in studies by William Karesh of the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York. He and his colleagues have studied a range of wild animals and found that most were in remarkably good condition. Blood tests carried out by Karesh  revealed that most of these creatures had been infected by extremely unpleasant viruses and bacteria, infections that usually kill domestic animals but which had been dealt with by their wild counterparts.  His discovery may explain why many wild animals become sick and die in captivity – because insufficient attention is paid to their living conditions.

There is one more step beyond just the use of natural ingredients from the wildness, it is their believe that this wild herb or clay will cure them. They don’t have doubts. They heard the nature intuition and took the natural treat and continued their life sure that they would be cured. Same was for humans. They weren’t having hospitals and surgeries till lately. However humanity survived by its natural healing ability and the strong believe that they will be healed and continue to exist.

All tracks lead to healing just open the door

Whatever the track you select for your healing if you believed in it and opened your heart to listen to your intuition and followed it, you will be healed. There is no right or wrong choices but, there are plenty of choices and each one has its own results. Some intellectual choices receive a NO advice from our intuition. You neglect the intuition’s advice when you have a perception that there is only one available choice or solution. Believing in the abundance of choices will help you say NO to second hand ideas that don’t serve you. The universe is so generous that it will offer you again a better choice. Don’t accept the community or anyone’s prognosis or perception that you won’t return to a perfect health.

In Conclusion,

Your body is created with the healing capability it needs. The guidance to the proper healing that is suitable for us comes from the intuition. There are three main block to receive the messages of the intuition about our healing path. The top one is the attachment to the body. Any abnormality in the body cause a scare that prevents you from listening to your intuition and holds you as an easy prey for whom frightened you. The other two are the imposed second hand ideas of community perceptions and prognoses and, the negligence of the intuition messages.

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