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Key Four, Physical Body, The battlefield

The interactions between the physical and energetic bodies explain why our physical body is the center of our attention and roles of the mind and emotions.

Let us start with some ideas about ourselves that might be shocking to some:

  • The physical body is our way to stay on earth
  • The physical body is only one of our forms of existence
  • We have an energy body based on our mind activities
  • We have another energy body based on our emotions
  • Our soul is our window for receiving pure energy and guidance and passing it to us.

Then, which of them is the body that will be our vehicle to well-being?

Which one?

Physical Body, The mighty machine

To a superficial look, what is appearing to an eye that sees us for the first time is the external layer of our physical body. It is what we use to interface with the physical world. We are of this world because we have this physical body.

Moreover, Since our early days on planet earth, we start exploring and realizing our external body and how it changes, it grows, it looks, and many other physical signs.

Then, we start to compare our discoveries with what we discover in others since our early childhood. Why some are dressed differently and called boys or girls? Why others have bigger bodies? Why some have wrinkled bodies? The physical body was always the center of comparison. This consciousness of our external body and its comparison to others is well known to marketers. So, most ads play the song of helping us to reach a body of certain physical attributes that are measured in kgs, cms or color shades.

How the physical body works?

The Physical body which is the flesh, bones and external skin packaging has more to it than just this. It is a fully equipped machine that performs a lot of autonomous activities without the intended contribution from our self or our consciousness to be more specific.

We as well as our physicians use some external measures as an indication of how these many internal systems work together to maintain the life of this human-machine. Since being born, we realize the baby’s breath, heartbeats, digestion, expulsion, nail and hair growth and much more of his senses. Though Pediatricians help us to interpret these external physical signs to the healthiness of the internal system.

We don’t feel the internal organs while they are functioning while in fact they never stop functioning even while we are deep asleep. They have their autorun program and they all the time receives information from the mind about the general body status and the status of the other organs with which their function is interlinked. The external body image reflects the performance of the internal systems.

Next, How does the mental energy body contribute to our existence?

We are built up of trillions of cells and hundreds of organs from inside out We are affected by internal and external environmental factors that affect the performance of our parts i.e. organs.

The intellectual energy body -the mind- has a vital part of its duties directed to running the autonomous body functions and responses. The second important role it plays is focused on the interpretation of the data collected by the body senses to a logical stream of thoughts and calls to action. Note: This stream of thoughts is based on what is already stored in the mind’s files cabinet regardless if you are aware of it or not.

If you want to understand how it runs the logical thinking just return to your school and examination time or any nearby experience of studying and testing or applying what you had studied.

  • Step 1, you spent some time reading and digesting the information
  • Step 2, You had spent some time practicing or watching others applications
  • Step 3, You started to apply what you had gained in the previous 2 steps.

Whether to answer exam questions or handy applying a recipe procedure, where did the answer the actions come from?

It cames from your mind as a stream of thoughts that you evacuate it on the answer sheet or blend it together in the kitchen. This stream of thoughts is your mind interpretation of the exam questions based on what you stored in the filing cabinet while you were studying. This is typically what happens in every situation when our mind passes to us a stream of thought from its storage based on external or internal stimuli.

But, what about the emotional body?

There is a scientific debate; are we born with emotions or are they learned from our environment? From the first team, you can find a post by Psychology Today , Your Baby’s Earliest Feelings

Describing in detail some emotions that are born built in babies as their internal organs are born running. If you have ever seen a 2-3 month baby you can find these feelings clear.

Interest (curiosity)DistressShame
SurpriseDisgust (a reaction to noxious tastes)Dissmell (a reaction to noxious odors)

On the other hand, other scientists advocate that babies imitate the facial expressions they see then link it to a situation or a stimulation.

Whether on which side you are if you want to see your emotions in action, just remember a situation when you were stressed for being late, meltdown in a loving hug, frozen when taken by surprise – even it was joke-, and many other situations. Return to this situation and sense the changes that happened to your physical body at this moment. Heart Beats increased, Heart was about to stop, body muscles relaxed, blood streamed into your face, you turned white dead or whatever happened in your body this was a result of some chemicals called hormones injected into your bloodstream from your glands.

Your body muscles responded to those chemicals with the above reactions and your mind started broadcasting a new set of instructions based on this situation.

So, in conclusion, which body will be granted a ticket to well-being?

In plain talk, ALL. All of them need to arrive together to the well-being

My body, mind and self

As we can see in the below illustration. We are moving in life riding the 3 bodies.

As explained in the discussions above, there are interactions between the physical and energetic bodies. These interactions not only explained why our physical body is the center of our attention but demystified the vital roles of the mind and emotions’ energetic bodies.

Then, the physical body became the battlefield between our energy bodies who want to control it and our consciousness which wants to liberate it.

They all have good intentions of maintaining it healthy so they continue on planet earth.

To understand it better consider your computer or mobile. It has hardware, operating system and software apps. You need to maintain and take care of all of them constantly so it continues to deliver its functions.

We are going to delve more inside the body-mind-emotions interrelations, stay in well-being till we meet again.

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