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Don’t resist but don’t surrender to Desires

Desires can go wild. That’s why you need to rationalize it within yourself so it doesn’t cross the borders of other humans freedom. Know how to make the best of it through intention, intuition and even subtle action.

Desire and a burning desire conveys a confused meaning in the minds of many people. The wrong meaning that you need to deprecate is the one associated with irresistible desires that controls you. This wrong perception of the desire has a has a mold that it drags humans to do wrong things to reach their desires. Moreover, it associates the regret feeling as an after effect of fulfilling this desire. The desire has a bright side. It is a bless that distinguishes humans from copies and machines.

Where did this wrong perception of desire came from?

The examples of this muddy slippery track is all the time there since the early childhood. Most people carry in their mind the short movie of a little child desiring his friend or sister’s toy and taking it by force. He was punished, he cried and he regretted that he caused a pain to his friend. This story grows with different forms in the school time, in the uni and to the open life after that. The moral that all these stories try to convey is that the burning desire drags people to use force or to cheat to take things they don’t have the right to take. Then they get punished and cry.

You can’t really stem those stories back to its roots in your life. But, I believe they are a mix of both true stories and exaggeration. The true story surely occurs because we have wicked people among us but that’s a small percent of the society. Moreover, you can consciously chose a timeline free of them without resisting or denying their existence.

The other root which stemmed these stories is the society exaggeration to frighten people from these bad desires. It starts by the parents exaggerated threatening to their child to hide this trait instead of treating it. Then most parents told their children some horror stories of the drawback of such devilish acts to make sure that the story will live in the coming generations. The media which stemmed out from the human exaggeration and fairy-tales builds equally wicked stories about those who steal material things and lovers only to satisfy a momentary desire.

What can be the reality of desire?

The true story is simple. The desire is a spark to do or say something. It need to be transformed to an intention followed by action. The action to be wise in the sense of not harming others whether they are human, living or non living things. The initial response to the action should be accepted without hard feelings. This acceptance doesn’t mean to kill the desire or to hide it. But it means that better preparedness is our next step. This path will lead to true fruitful results either in childs or adults. That’s the complete story, so let us digest it slowly.

The desire need to be considered as a spark. This spark lightens a new path that you need to walk joyfully to fulfill your desire. To let the spark continue and not to dim, it need to be converted to an intention. The intention in its best form is a target that you are determined to reach in the best possible way. You are willing to put effort, dedication and joy to the trip. It is like when you intend to have a child, a pet or a flower. Without doing your homework and knowing the process to take care of it, you are wasting this new comer that can lighten your life.

So your intentions are expected to come from your desire. As a giving back, your intention fuels you desire to stay alive. Your actions -even subtle- raise a flag to the world that you are real in pursuing your intentions. So the reflective world conspires to make this intention or steps towards it sprout in your timeline. So actions, keeps your intention alive which in turn keeps your desire glowing.

Knowing this bright face of desire will help you not to resist and in same time not to surrender to desires. Surrender to desires here is in the sense of overlooking the freedom, privacy and, ownership rights of others on the way to fulfill your desires.

What if you don’t have a desire,

You will end up as perfectly described by Deepak Chopra:

You are living your life based on externals, instead of living life from your soul, your innermost heart’s desire. That is why life feels colorless and uninteresting.

The Intuition Supports all the three of them

Moreover, intuition is the real guide in your path to fulfill your intention. So, it supports actions, intentions and desires to be in the right direction. You can find tens of ways to do the same thing. Which one is the best for your case ask your intuition. How?

First feel your intuition messages to you in your physical or energetic bodies. Which meal I will take today? Close your eyes and return to your gut, heart, hand, leg, breath, gravity. One of them will return you a feeling. Is it a Yes or a No? If you didn’t experience it before. Label it as you feel it. Take it a s a Yes. Then be conscious but neutral while following this selection. If it turned to be the wrong choice, save the result. Repeat the game in selecting a book, a movie, a restaurant or a juice. After some time from making conscious selections and labeling them you have the experience to interpret your intuition replies to your questions. That’s you true personal private faithful trustworthy ally.

Desire illustartion

Unclear distracted mind can block your connection to your intuition

If you felt that one time you were misled by the guide, don’t kill the guide. Don’t stop following it because that’s the ultimate request of the ego to be your guide instead of your intuition. Then it will control you through the society logical reasoning. The ego can work only solely without the intuition guide. You want what others want and you reject what they reject and you try to be a copy of the others to match them. Read more about the effect of society on our live here: The Sixth key to Well-Being, The Environment – Part I.

This is not a call to overlook logically thinking. But logic and reasoning is based on givings from the now or the past available information to you. Intuition is a guide from the unseen realms and the future. The chaos in everyday life and the systematic programming through our artificial environment targets your distraction from listening to the soft intuition voice. It even gives you some logical replies to resist the intuition answer. Like this you are a copy. Being a copy you are easily managed through the false desires and intentions that belong to the society and do not belong to you.

Your intuition is your best muscle, train it and take it as a friend. It will guide you when it is totally dark and silent or noisy that you can’t rely on your senses anymore. WOW, that’s one of the best tracks to follow and ever flowed through me.

In Conclusion,

Desire is the door to live your own life. That’s the difference between humans and machines. Humans have desires that pushes their lives where they really want to go. Desires can go wild. That’s why you need to rationalize it within yourself so it doesn’t cross the borders of other humans freedom. The path to fulfill your desire passes by your intentions, your actions – even the subtle ones- and your intuition. You are blessed when you have desires. However, don’t resist them but don’t surrender to them at the same time.

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