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The Sixth key to Well-Being, The Environment – Part I

Our environment is shaped by 4 main factors: Circumstances, people, things & events. Part I: Circumstances & People explanation & Solutions

I believe that our mind is capable of understanding better when it understands the literal meaning of the word in a simple but illustrative definition. This sort of definition stimulates the mind to draw an outline sketch associated with the word. Then the context of the word fills the details of this sketch and the colors. The colors may came only in shades, light, dark, cheerful, pessimistic and, so on. Today we shall see the literal meaning of the environment and place it in some sentences to see what our mind would detail from the context.

Someone’s environment is all the (1)circumstances, (2)people, (3)things, and (4)events around them that (5)influence their life.

Collins Dictionary
Examples in sentences

These examples are derived from the same source of the definition i.e. Collins Dictionary. Try to see how each sentence colors the environment sketch

  • Pupils in our schools are taught in a safe, secure environment.
  • The moral characters of men are formed not by heredity but by environment.
  • The twins were separated at birth and brought up in entirely different environments.

This definition draws a sketch of “Someone” in the middle surrounded by 1)circumstances, (2)people, (3)things, and (4)events that (5)influence his life. We shall detail about the effect, perceptions and solutions for both the circumstances and people. We shall keep the remaining 3 terms for the coming chat.

Shades of the environment
Shades of the Environment


Usually for most people I had discussed with, the first impression brings some limiting circumstances as we tend to generate dramatic scenes. So, “Someone” could be poor, raised in difficult neighborhood, living under war or abuse threats.
Our consciousness is recording everything that happens in our surroundings. You can go deeper about this in: Chronological growth of our code – Part IV. If the default pop up circumstances are dramatic, then it means that your consciousness was exposed to dramatic or melodramatic scenes far more than it was exposed to Comedy drama or calm and neutral situations.
Drama is a neutral word if you return to its meaning and it includes comedy and tragedy. But the derived words from it as dramatic and melodramatic brings more tragic sensation. However, melodramatic literal meaning means drama with exaggerated emotions. If you go to Merriam-Webster in this link, you can see that melodrama refers to both comedy and tragedy.

Our subconscious first response reflects the emotions that dominates his storage files. The source of these stored emotions and stories is not usually an actual experience. The most common sources are the side talks and chats and the media. If you love to watch movies and series -specially if repeatedly- try to remember the percentage of tragic scenes relative to the total scenes. That is a huge source of the stored perception of the word Circumstances and consequently this perception shapes your Environment.

How to transcend our perception of the circumstance?

To change your perception of the circumstances, you need to change what is all the time running around you in your day to day life. Chose the comedy drama over the tragedy drama. Chose the optimistic talks and discussion over the fear, envy, hatred and such talks.

The first step is to realize the first impression that pops up in your mind regarding your circumstances. Do you feel your self free, joyful, prosperous and progressing? Great keep this time line. Otherwise, if you feel tied up, anxious, frightened and such low vibes, start to ask yourself some questions:

How to ease your perception of the circumstances?
  • Are those feelings related to real physical situations? or Is it an anticipation of a future situation that may occur? May be it is a reflection of an old tight situation?
  • In case it is a real physical situation, do any physical situation last for ever?
    • Did you ever catch a heavy flu from the type that is associated with fever? Or Had you suffered a diarrhea suddenly with what they call a killing pain in the stomach?
      How many days did it last? You can see that after few days or hours you had returned to your normal life. Nothing lasts.
    • Did you or a friend suffered a car accident? Did you spent some time years ago supporting a friend after the death of one of his parents? After some time they continued their life and the grieve and anxiety went away
    • Let we think of idols like Nelson Mandela, who suffered of years in prison
    • What about gurus who survived difficult medical situation? You can read the success story of Louise Hay here: Louise Hay Built a Healing Empire, After She Healed Herself 
  • If it is an anticipation of a future difficult situation, your believe in it and focus upon it will make it your reality.
  • If it is reflection of an old problem on your current life, you will continue to live the old results unless you decide to chose a new perception, it will be your new reality
  • How to do this? Read detailed steps about the solution steps in this chat : Why restless mind is a block on the road? Block 4.
Examples in sentences, (source)
  • The change in George’s circumstances was abrupt.
  • I wouldn’t have expected to find you in such comfortable circumstances.
  • help and support for single parents, whatever their circumstances
  • Plenty of people live in worse circumstances than the men incarcerated in the prison.

(2) People

That’s the second important thing around us. Why it is the second? Because some of us spend some time alone without people. This time can be few minutes to few months and years. Let us survey a people definition:

human beings making up a group or assembly or linked by a common interest

People are all around you. Since your birth and through all your life. Some of them are in the close circle of your life and, some are the crowd and, others are the idol examples. We had detailed the effect of each type on our operation software during July 2020 posts. You can read it here

What is stored in our subconscious mind about people?

I would like to focus here on the perception of the Collective awareness about people through the examples used for the word people in popular dictionary websites as Collins and Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries

Collins Dictionary: People are men, women, and children. People is normally used as the plural of personinstead of ‘persons’.Millions of people have lost their homes.…the people of Angola...homeless young people.I don’t think people should make promises they don’t mean to keep.It is illegal and could endanger other people’s lives.

  • Oxford Learner’s Dictionary:
    • At least ten people were killed in the crash.
    • There were a lot of people at the party.
    • Many young people are out of work.
    • older people
    • They are just ordinary people.
    • Millions of working people are struggling.
    • It is important to involve local people in the project.
    • poor/rich people
    • people of faith (= people who are religious)
How to properly set your own perceptions about people?

I would like to raise the attention to the vibes of those words as examples in a dictionary and how many sentences speaks about the struggle. That”s part of the environment the influences you. Be conscious and attentive to what you hear and read about people. Stories of betray and distrust fill the news and media. Those stories shapes your environment unless you chose a time line free from them consciously. When you are here and now, you are aware of what is around you. You will do yourself 2 favors:

  • The first one you will mitigate the effect of low vibes in the media stories and,
  • The second one, you will early notice any distrust worthy people in your environment and take your precautions

In Conclusion,

As per definition our environment is shaped by 4 main factors: Circumstances, people, things and events. We had included details about our Circumstances as family and neighborhood and, People in the close and far circles. We had introduced solutions of how to transcend our perceptions about the circumstances and people around us. In a coming chat we shall detail the effect of things and events on our life and how circumstances and people amplifies it. Stay Safe.

Also, leave us a comment below and let us discuss about it.

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