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Is healing Intention only enough?

Most of us are not in the rock bottom of life. So implanting this secret ingredient supports the manifestation and the healing intention.

Yes Healing Intention is enough “But”. There is a famous rule from Abraham Hicks called the 17sec rule. You can google it and you will find100’s of thousands of results from websites, videos and, courses speaking about it. It even challenges you to hold this attention pure for 68sec which is 4 times the 17sec. The 17sec as the rule says ignites the manifestation. The 68sec aligns your vibration with the manifested result to be manifested.

But wait a moment, is it an impossible task to have 68sec of pure thought about one target. The thought you want to manifest is yours. It can be healing or any other thing. The “But’s” are also your but they are backed by your environment that’s why those obstacles to intention or manifestation gain strength. If you managed to overcome the blocks, exclusions and distractions we explain in this chat, then the healing intention or any other intention are enough for the manifestation.

Can you do it without the attachment or longing for the result?

Why this is a barrier? It is like when you plant a seed and after few days you start scratching up the soil to see what is happening in the unseen realm. Or you are so attached to the result that you are enforce its absence from your present moment. Maybe the coming door ringing will bring it. Or is it an email or a lucky pop up. You are so attached that the result comes and comes quickly that you get exhausted and start believing it won’t happen.

Can you hold it unchanged?

Some well-being coaches asks their audience to write their intention. Then they only repeat what is written for certain days and certain repetitions. Without this you go stray and everyday you add to your intention or tune it. The universe resets and restarts at every tweaking. That’s what we had explained in our chat about subtle heart intentions: Subtle heart intentions, the real magical life. The intentions that get fulfilled are those that you give them all your emotions and good willing, feel their accomplishment and then you forget them. Forgetting here has the sense of surrendering to to the higher power who knits the universe.

Can you hold your believe in the intention manifestation?

Many times the live examples around us are of two opposite extremes. Either total failure. Which is spread out of the humanity love for melodrama. This melodrama enthusiasm was built as a hard wall out of many stones through the TV, series, media, social media, tea chats and many others talks about heart breaking stories. After time we get accustomed to spreading the grieve rather than the cheer up.

The Other opposite extreme is the propaganda about the end chapter. There are many stories about those who were born to a bankrupted family or in a difficult neighborhood then now they are superstars or mega rich. You find the leap of this superhuman is very big for you to jump. Moreover, you expect an overnight formula to get you there which is not yet discovered. After some days your desire faints due to the long road falsely pushed ahead of you.

Besides, you don’t find stories for the average normal. If we believe in science, then we are all on the average of life conditions. So, what an average person can do? The one who had reached rock bottom had reached a point of nothing to lose. So he is already in the bottom so there is only one way up because the other one is to the graveyard. But most of us are not ignited by fire of rock bottom because we are average. Then, how can we ignite our desire engines to work for us? That’s the missing ingredient.

Can you hold yourself happy?

That’s the missing ingredient. Every spiritual guru has a scale for life from miserable to self fulfilment. The positive side ofAbraham Hicks’ scale starts from contentment to hopefulness to optimism then belief , happiness , passion and crowned by Joy. Holding yourself on the positive scale of the life vibrations will dissolve the barriers and the negative connotations around your target. Moreover it elevates your continuous vibrations to be near your goal. So you don’t feel a big gap to jump.

support intentions
Support your intention with high vibes

When you have an intention as a healing intention, the real target is to be free from the low vibes associated with this mental, spiritual or physical downturn. The fear from the future is at the bottom of the vibrational scale. So if you are afraid from the future, worried or doubted about it then you are on the opposite road to the one leading to your goal. The feeling you are looking for from fulfilling your intention is far from your hands. That’s why you lose hope on the way. When you elevate your vibrations or your mode even to feel hopefulness or optimism about tomorrow you close a big gap to your target.

Escape the trap and be happy

There is a trap here. Sometimes you feel it is difficult to elevate your entire life to this upper half of the vibration scale. Maybe you feel your everyday life is daunting. You may have some stress at home or at work. Just look for little gaps where you can create a good vibes pockets. Those good vibes pockets can be enjoying a cup of coffee, looking to the flowers in a shop display or, looking to the sun while rising.

The most important aspect of this pocket is to do it with an empty mind from any thing before or after it. Just enjoy the moment, the view and the scent. Deepen it in your mind and make it an anchor point to return to. Those pockets once entrenched in our daily life and cared for daily will germinate and sprout with time. Then you are gliding upwards on the vibration scale. Without noticing, your intention will continue to grow till it manifest

The least favor you can do yourself

Power poses had been here for years and it looks that it will is here to stay forever. Some are simple body postures that within 30sec ignites your energy and changes your body chemical to the positive side. Below is a quote from Forbes about it and there you will find the 2012 and 2018 TED talks about it. You deserve the time to read and view them they will payoff and rescue your day whenever used.

It’s important to understand that Cuddy’s research had two major findings.  The first was that people who sat in high-power positions felt more powerful than their low-power pose counterparts.  The second was that the power posing actually changed their body chemistry.

Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on the benefits of power posing garnered over 46 million views

In Conclusion,

Subtle Heart Intentions are enough as healing intentions but. But, your entrenched deep rooted subconscious codes from your environment opposes them. Those destructive ideas and codes are activated daily through life situations and media persistence to maintain you inside the trap. Those who had reach rock bottom either continue till the graveyard or they transform to be fearless. Most of us are not in the rock bottom of life. So implanting high vibes pockets in your days are the secret ingredient to support the manifestation of your intention. Smile and take a power pose.

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