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6 Tools to Boost your conversion

We have an undeniable value within us.The world needs this value. What is remaining is to make our valuable gift within the world’s reach. That’s what we call Conversion Know these 6 tools to Boost it.

Be aware that WE are all that we need to have to start delivering value to the world. In a previous chat: The three faces of a coin, we clarified what is needed to convert our uniqueness to reach to the world and be well received. We need willingness, intention & insistence to deliver our gift. Now we need to boost this conversion.

The growing trend:

To start anything new in our life we start from zero at one point in our life. Then we intend to embark on our journey to grow. After a growing period, we reach the peak and then stabilize. Growing, stabilizing and expansion to new opportunities are all based on our intentions to reach any of them. So we need to be sure that our intentions serves our target and not opposing it. You can find how to practice intention making in a coming post.

The growing tools:
  • Patience
  • Belief
  • Knowledge
  • Effort
  • Dedication
  • Support

So, the ultimate goal of life is to grow. But, in which direction will you grow? this depends on some factors:

  • Clear Target destination at start up
    • Whether you are heading to be a graduate, to get a promotion, to get in a relation or even to find something new or different to do. For new things to do check this post: What is my unique gift?
    • To be clear here means to have a name of the destination that you are heading to and this name has a meaning for you.
  • The path you select & whether you set it to be firm, flexible or loose?
    • If we look to the target to be a graduate in a certain profession.
      • Are you firm about graduating in the minimum time?
      • Are you firm about the profession?
      • What if you got engaged in some work opportunities during you study, will this change your plan?
      • What if you didn’t enjoy the study and you found an alternate or more specific profession to switch to, will you do it?
      • Your best friend decided to abandon University and advocates that it is a waste of time, What shall you do?
    • I recommend the flexible approach.
      • Being too rigid might cause us to be broken if we didn’t achieve our target. And, it might call harsh experiences in our life to force us to take a turn in our path as the universe knows that the new path is better for us to achieve our goal.
      • Being loose in our insistence on our target will take our journey to someone’s else destination or will leave us moving in circles reaching no where.
      • Being flexible means that I’m evaluating every opportunity or idea and taking informative decisions whether to take this coming turn or to stay on the main road. Being conscious about our decisions will give us a chance to revert back or at least a clue why we are on this side road.
  • The Tools, We shall detail the tools that we can use on our path to boost the conversion in the coming section
The tools to boost the conversion.

As we explained before, we have an undeniable value where we are here and now. And the world needs this value. What is remaining is to make our valuable gift within the world’s reach. That’s what we call Conversion

  • Patience , It is needed while stumbling in your first steps without knowing if you are moving forward or moving in circles back to square zero. Also, while ambiguity seems to be the theme of every step. Stick to patience during following every guide. Those guides might be from your soul or energy body or universe guidance. Also, you might be applying the instruction without understanding some of them at this initial moment. But with time it will get clearer and justifiable. Without patience you remain at the point zero.
  • Belief, You need tremendous believe in yourself, in the universe and its creation forces and in your path. If you are taking your first step without seeing where you will put your second foot, you have a valid reason to be worried. In your tenth step, your confidence would have grown so you take the step forward even if you are not that much clear about the 11th one. The difference is that in the 10th step you are mature enough to know that you are on the track and you have alternatives and you are guided. That’s why the first step is like a leap of faith and needs that boost of belief.

Knowledge, That’s you torch light that will clear a lot or at least enough of the darkness. It will fuel the patience and believe to continue… Now as you are reading this chat you can switch to your browser and search for any thing you want to do and you shall find thousands of guides whether you like it visual, readable or audible. Humanity now more than anytime else is sharing its knowledge online and most of the time for free. If you are more passionate about formal learning procedure, you can find step by step courses for any topic.

  • Effort, As much as you place effort, you will reach. But, here you need to balance the physical and intellectual efforts with the need of maintaining the clarity and your good mood. You need to reach your goal healthy and happy to celebrate your achievement. Otherwise, you will reach there drained out.
  • Dedication, That’s another balance point. You need to give your target enough dedicated efforts and time. Those are its nutrition on which it will grow and continue to live. Nevertheless, don’t dwell only on your target. There should be other slots of time in your life for physical and spiritual activities and sustaining your relationships. Getting fully consumed in pursuing your target might payoff in the startup so you can make the leap of faith and take the first step. But on the long term you might regret some relations and fun opportunities that you sacrificed on your way up.
  • Support, Seek support whenever and wherever possible. It is like you are getting a helping hand, an additional brain or extra hours on your timeline. Support takes many forms. You can seek an advice when you are stuck. You can buy someone services. It all start by asking. So be sure to ask for support. Let we clarify it with an example. Suppose that you want some existence online to deliver your message or to start or grow your business. You can spend time searching online how to do it and enjoy the trial and error and the learning on the road. Alternatively, you can hire someone to do it for you. Or, you can purchase an app that takes you in guided step by step procedure to do it.

In conclusion,

It is just a matter of boost. Anyhow you will reach you target with patience. Whatever way you chose, never get attached that this is the only way for support or that you can do it only through this way.

In my opinion, what you can’t escape is patience. Without patience your output will be at zero output value and any effort to add any of the other boosts won’t rescue your target.

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