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Events in Our Environment, are they haphazard? Key 6-3,

We create our own reality as if we project the events on our screen. How to deliberately color our life in our loved colors. Read more here.

In the human consciousness it was agreed that an event is something that happens, especially when it is unusual or important. There is another side for the perception of the word; An event is a planned and organized occasion, for example a social gathering, a match or a conference. The second definition has the planning and organization aspect to be of importance to the attendees. That loops it back to the original definition of unusual and important occasion. When something uncommon and significant happens it grasps our attention. Whatever you give an attention to, is threaded and deepened into your life. That’s what we call “influence your life”. But, are the events in our environment haphazard?

Is it me, someone else’s or a stroke of fate?

Sorry to say it but, it is every time you who brings the events in your life. Moreover, it is you who labels it good or bad, dull or exciting, fair or injustice and, many other labels that we stick on top of the event. The funny part is that sometimes we stick the label very early before the event completely unfolds.

You may think that we are speaking of the planned or organized events, No. The prepared events are there but you had already placed your attention to it mindfully and you are completing the puzzle step by step and reviewing the details like who is invited and how people will be seated and many other details. What we are saying that you had brought to your life are those that you label them unexpected events. They pop up into your life due to various reasons among them:

  • They unfold your real intention not the pretended words
  • As a detour to the right direction
  • A scan to your real intention
  • It is a superseding intention from someone else
Be Mindful about what happens in your days

You need to be mindful about the events specially those that seems unexpected. Don’t just let them slip between your days. Ask yourself: where I might had planted the seed for this event? You will receive a pop up answer or answers. Take the first one that was not preceded by reasoning. Below examples and illustrative ideas will help you expect the unexpected. In other words, will be an eye opener to some weird disconnections between what you expect to happen and what you energetically call into you environment or timeline or simply life.

How to relate events and real intentions?

First we need to simply understand what is intention. Intention is like an agreement but with yourself that you will reach a certain goal. This agreement is sometimes a subtle feeling and other times it is a rush of energy. Either ways the key is the feelings. The events that pop up in your life are related to your feelings. For instance, you are invited to a social gathering. It might be a family one or with friends and friends of friends. You accept the invitation and start the preparations. Suddenly an abrupt event comes to the scene. Either you can’ t attend or you have a valid excuse not to attend the gathering. What are your feelings now?

By the way, those abrupt events may be good ones. A job mission, a board meeting, the return of a friend, a little stomachache, sprained your ankle, a little fever for a child and many other reasons. Are you feeling relieved now. This means that your real intention, that’s the one with good feeling, was not to attend so the energetic world conspired to give you what you really asked for. Your pronounced words were that you accepted the invitation, what then?

Different Possible Scenarios:
  • If you have no feeling towards it, it will unfold and you will attend.
  • If your feelings pointed that it will be good, fun time, it will be so. Even if some obstacles appeared in the timeline to it, you will be there and you will have fun.
  • In case that you had a feeling of rather not to attend but you can’t apologize. The universe will help you. Just ask for love to replace what you don’t want so you are not knocked down by an event that prevents you from attending.
  • Otherwise, if your feelings pointed towards it will be bad time, hen the energy world will provide you with what fulfills your feelings.

Your soul guides you to the best way for you. The universe takes you where your feelings most of the time are.

Events reflect your feelings

You started fitness exercising. Then some interruptions pop up. and your commitment decays till it became faint. What were your real intentions?

  • Did you really want to add this new habit to your life?
  • Was it the fear that forced you to start?
  • Some of your friends go there and your are jealous
  • Did you intend to make it fun time?
  • Were you feeling that it will be easy and affordable?
  • Did you enjoy the place or trainer?if not, why you didn’t ask for a change?

Sometimes we intend to do something as a reflection of others doing it or, as a default program. Example, at a certain age I need to cut down fats and start exercising. None of these are bad and it will pay off at any age. The problem lays in the intention behind any of these new actions that I introduce in my life. Intend to make a better timeline for your life. Do not escape to a different timeline carrying with you the fear that your body will deteriorate at this age and you need to start now.

As a detour to the right direction

Imagine you had made your intention to join portrait drawing classes. You felt your life is not engaging and you do the routine activities that are required from you. While looking around you felt passionate toward a new artistic hobby and found this class that match your schedule. You were excited but, the class was canceled. They offered you to wait for the new schedule, a refund or an alternative photography class. You were tight on your schedule during winter and preferred to go with the photography class.

Few years later, your photos were well recognized on the social media, on some local magazines and you embarked on a trip to shot the best cultural frames around the world. This night when the portrait training class was canceled you could not connect the future dots. Now years later because you were mindfully selecting that day without needless complains and following your soul guidance, you can connect the dots back and consider this was a detour in the right direction.

A scan to your real intention

The energy world might be not clear if you had really selected this new direction or you want to create this new reality. So it will offer you a support in the direction of your compass. You get aware of it, you acknowledge it and accept it. It will offer you a second one, if you reject it. It will slow done in its response to you in the new direction. You may -as many of us do- consider that this new path is not yours and you quit.

The reality is the opposite way around. Your vibrations were not stable enough in the new you. The rejection of the second event and the doubt you felt were indications for the universe that it was just a bubble. But if you kept focus and determinate on what you want. The energy world will continue to offer you new events that helps you to proceed on the track of your real attention.

It is a superseding intention to yours

That’s not the optimum way for things to happen in our life. But, it happens and on all levels of life. If you don’t have a clear intention to go on with your life or even a semi-clear target of what you want next in your life. Your life will be guided by the intentions of those around you. You don’t need to have a totally clear vision of tomorrow. But at least as of now, have a an idea of where you are heading. When you have this idea even if it is not crystal clear , the energy world conspires to generate events that guides you there. And it gets clearer with time as long as you well understand the events in your life.

When you don’t have this clear target of your next step in life, you will be a tool to satisfy the other people targets. Anyone thinks that his life will be better if you would have anything to prevent you from coming to the meeting, to the party, or to the picnic. it will happen and something will distract you. Not because he is more powerful energetically but, you were not having clear intentions or motivators to attend this meeting, party or picnic.

In Conclusion:

You create your own reality and project your events on your own screen.You may be deliberately coloring your life in your loved colors. Or, You might be reflecting on your screen the community perception and expectations for you. Ask for detours that are full of love and not full of anger and fear. The universe and the energy world, they will flourish you with events based on your feelings. Events are not haphazardly distracting us everywhere. They are trying to help you reach where you really want. What someone really wants is what he/she really feels and not what they say. Stay safe and intend to be detoured in easy way full of love. Once You intended, it is done, be ready to receive.

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