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Are your social firewall and antivirus ready? Code yourself part III

Understand the sources of wrong subroutines codes in your functional subconscious program. Prepare and activate your social firewall and antivirus.

On our way to understand how we function as a humans, we had made an analogy between the human functions and the software programs that run to execute certain functions on our computers. You can read more here: How to program your self ? Part I . But, do our internal programs need social firewall and antivirus?

Many programs run in the background of our computers. You can see them only through your Task Manager in Windows(Ctrl + Alt + Delete) and Activity Monitor in Apple. On the top, will see your favorite apps as Browsers and Photoshop and their memory and CPU usage. Underneath them, you will see hundreds of titles of small pieces of processes running that you don’t understand their true function unless you are a software expert or computer student. Unfortunately one of them can be a virus (:. Does the analogy between our functions and computer functions extends to have social viruses?

But, What are viruses?

Let us start by the nowadays more famous survival worrier, microscopic viruses. Below is the best simplest definition I had found without a lot of medical complications:

Viruses can only exert influence by invading a cell, because they’re not cellular structures. They lack the ability to replicate on their own, so viruses are merely tiny packets of DNA or RNA genes enfolded in a protein coating, on the hunt for a cell they can dominate. Viruses can infect every living thing — from plants and animals down to the smallest bacterium.

howstuffworks: What is a virus, and how does it become a danger to human life?
Are computer viruses same as microscopic viruses?

Well, actually there are 2 or 3 similarities between computer viruses and microscopic viruses and few differences. Understanding those similarities and difference will enable us to answer our main question for the day : Do Social viruses need firewall and antivirus?

  • They both have influence only by invading a functional host
  • Both targets hijacking the host’s machinery to produce copies of itself. Microscopic viruses hijack the cell’s metabolic machinery. While, computer viruses remains dormant till the infected program runs its code
  • They try dodging the first layer of defenses by playing dead. The natural body physical defenses as the tight skin layer and mucus aligning the respiratory tract and entrance keep the microscopic viruses away from the cells it tries to attach itself to..The computer operating system and antiviruses alert against any executable files from suspicious sources or auto scans downloaded files.
  • They both try their best to reproduce and spread to continue their life cycle
  • Microscopic Viruses
  • Microscopic viruses have one target; to replicate and spread to survive.
  • Microscopic viruses cause damage and death to the host cells, the organ made up of those cells and the complete body at sever states even though that’s not their prime intention.
  • Computer Viruses
  • The purpose of creating a computer virus is to infect vulnerable systems, gain admin control and steal user sensitive data. Hackers design computer viruses with malicious intent and prey on online users by tricking them.
  • Some computer viruses have the prime intention harm the host computer by damaging programs, deleting files, or reformatting the hard drive. Others replicate themselves to flood a network with traffic, making it impossible to perform any internet activity. less harmful computer viruses are built with the intention to annoy the host by slowing down system’s performance, sapping computer memory and causing frequent computer crashes. Source WEBROOT

Human Viruses

From the above comparison we can conclude that only some computer viruses try to take over its host completely. Why? Because they have some ill human nature built into them.

  • They want to continue spying on its sensitive data and passwords,
  • Use the infected host computer to cyber attack other networks and websites.
  • Some computer viruses that take over the host computer completely tend to blackmail the computer owner to return his access to his computer
  • Some hackers crave violence tend to damage the host computer totally

Microscopic viruses want only to survive not to revenge from the host cell even though it might be killing it at the end of the day. Anyhow, for both types as well as the social viruses, the firewall and antivirus need to be ready..

Prepare your social firewall
Prepare your social firewall

Do we have viruses in our self programs?

Yes, because you have many subroutines in your subconscious mind that are Not programmed by you and at the same time Not serving you really. Since humans had generated the computer viruses then, it is more reasonable to use it to understand the viruses in the humans’ subconscious programs.

First we need to point out the source of viruses. Those sources are capable of moving you through the 4 to 5 steps of programming. They are the same if you want to program a good habit or a virus. They need to have the ability to set the example, initiate or motivate, repeat, highlight the benefits and if needed red-underline the threats.

Sources capable of those programming methodologies are the Media, the Family or close friends, the work or education system. There is remaining one mystery that is not clarified. Who is benefiting from the spreading of these viruses. This question we wouldn’t answer here but, when you know what viruses you carry in your subconscious mind, you will be able to pin point the beneficiary(ies).

Social Viruses

When a kid listens to his family speaking about him/her negatively. Surely family were not intending to hurt him and they were loving him. But, unfortunately, there is a huge difference between loving and empowering on one side and loving and pitying on the other side. Some families focus on the negative points in their kid during their side talks and during their tea chat with friends. Usually, they underestimate the ability of their child to catch the real meaning behind their words and eyes without understanding the literal meaning of the words. That’s because they don’t understand this ability in themselves in the first place.

Now, without being aware and, during killing the time around tea cups they had implanted a virus in this little child. This virus is usually murmuring about his weakness or his being less fortunate in some of the life aspects compared to y and z. This virus might be implanting an idea that he/she is uglier, weaker, lazier, less intelligent, less fortunate, bigger nose, narrower eyes and so on. The human mind in the gossipers is intelligent in bringing evident of this negative idea and fixing it deeper. On the other hand, the virus in the prey’s mind is also replicating copies of it in every comment, situation and eye look.

Another social virus example,

It is related to theose who gossips in the previous example. They also had some viruses programmed in their subconscious mind. One of them is about the measurements of the beauty. Usually this various includes mm, cm and kg measurements for an idle beauty together with some pictures. How this virus is programmed and passed to theirs subconscious minds?

  • Celebrities or most people on the media are selected to fit this model example
  • Celebrities start advertising that they are using this product. Together with a valuable discount or prize. That’s a trigger.
  • Repeated ads for products that will help you reach this color or size
  • Stress on the benefits of being socially accepted.
  • Threatens of losing a discount chance or being overlooked in the society
Why is it a virus? I deserve to look fit, handsome and pretty.

It is a virus because it starts by building the opposite feelings inside you. It is a virus when you for these modifications to reach a certain weight from the feeling of need or being inferior to others. It is not a virus when you try them from the intention of caring about your body and loving it. When you feel fit, handsome and pretty from the inside, it will be reflected to your outside. Hence, any product you use is like a touch up on a completed beautiful portrait.

Other Social Viruses:
  • Money is the start of all evil
  • Rich people are heartless
  • Smoke weeds or cigarettes to be grown up
  • It is normal to feel sick and live on medication
  • Some diseases or symptoms lasts forever
  • It is normal that your partner hurts your feelings

Take some time to think of those ideas. How far they are repeated in the media? Did you hear it from a friend or a trusted person? Do those ideas pop up sometimes in your mind?

The most important questions:

  • Do this idea Serve me?
  • What is the source of this idea?

Is there a Social anti Virus?

An anti virus has 2 functions: It generates a firewall to prevent the entrance of viruses and scans your internal files for viruses and deletes or repairs the infected files.

To create your own firewall be attentive and aware to what you listen to from friends and media and, to the ideas that pop up in your mind. Don’t allow any of them to pass without checking its identity and validity for you. Any idea that passes the first lines of defense has high probabilities to land over a hosting function inside you and start replicating and dominating.

Scanning step: Ask the 2 questions: Do this idea serve me? And, What is the source of this idea. If the answer to any of these question or both is negative i.e. this idea doesn’t serve me or/and this idea is a second hand one from the society or media, start the repair mechanisms

Repair or deletion. Suppose that the virus-ed idea you caught was Energy drinks will help to boost my achievement, then simply say “DELETE” bold and clear and repeat this every time you hear this idea from the media, a friend or it pops up in you mind. This technique is from Dr. Joe Dispenxa book: Breaking the habit of being your self.

Some ideas are parts of bigger programs in our subconscious mind and deleting it might disrupt the working of the this subroutine. Example of these ideas is the need to exercise and to move your body to be accepted by the society. Moving and exercising is vital for our health so you can’t delete the idea in total. It need to be repaired. “I will exercise because I love my body, I will boost my happiness and I will get energized”

In Conclusion,

Fortunately in this chat you had learned how to set up you social firewall and antivirus.. Microscopic viruses was on earth before humans and may last after them. Based on the human understanding of those viruses, they had created computer viruses. Those computer viruses don’t have an intention to replicate to survive. They replicate to be catastrophic in their violence or in the gains they bring. Social viruses that are passed to our subconscious programs are intermediate level between both. They maybe released with or without target but they cause the same effect on their preys.

Also, leave us a comment below and let us discuss about it.

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