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Chronological growth of our code – Part IV

Chronological growth of our subconscious code is bound by the stages we pass by during our growth. Understand where bugs come from and repair them.

We had touched in the previous chat the need of social firewalls and antiviruses to protect our subconscious routines from the Worms and Trojans that are added to them without our awareness. You can read more about it here : Are your social firewall and antivirus ready? Code yourself part III. Today we shall explore a new concept which is the hierarchy of our software and its Chronological growth .

How the Program Layers are piled over one another?

Actually most of the programs or subroutines running within us is not our product. A majority of them runs around our biological functions and needs as eating, breathing and others. Other programs are related to basic definitions of the physical forms and the society perception about them. Examples of those physical forms are rich & poor, ugly & beauty, fitness & obesity, literate and illiterate, success & failure.
Those programs are some how useful to fill our blank definitions of the variables of life in general. However, they might include some bugs like hating some food that you were forced to eat, looking down some categories of the society or feeling pity for yourself being born in the y or z groups.

Chronological wise,

the first lines of codes are added through our close family at very early age. Then followed by the larger family, relatives and neighbors. Few years later the school or the education system starts to expand our knowledge to reach a minimum basic education level – another clueless benchmark-. Then work or job give us a hard interface to the real life and write additional code lines. Lastly, we generate families and start from square zero but playing the opposite role now.

Those chronological growth levels don not have concrete barriers between them. Education is the proper name when it is compulsory. Later on we call it learning and it can continue till very late age without stopping based on your personality. Job or work can be boring, It adds few code lines then you continue in the same place doing nearly same job for a long period of time. However, Work can be a very exciting journey to those who love to change their work place, the country they work in or even change their career. This way it will be an all time growing subprogram.

Who is recording the codes?

That’s the most mysterious part of our being.. All the AI – Artificial Intelligence – , Deep Learning, Machine Learning and so similar initiatives are seeking this part of the code. The part that realizes new things and stores the collected data. It runs multiple instances of itself to be able to notice all that is around the body not just what the conscious part of the mind is attentive to. Its problem is that it stores good and bad data as facts.

Some habits you might consider as bugs e.g. skipping to brush your teeth, skipping your homework, job absenteeism and procrastination. Kids although are well taught to brush their teeth as an example, might skip it as they grow old. If they had seen close humans ignoring to brush their teeth, they will have same virus programmed in their mind. Other good and bad habits related to food and toilet are programmed in the same way; through example recognition. The desire in your subconscious mind to collect data from what happens around you will write more firm code lines. Regardless that your family and teachers apparently instructed you to do the good habits. Well, Who defines those habits as good and bad? That’s the collective perception of your community. Same habit might be perceived the opposite way in different communities.

Piled layers around your core

Family Layer

First Chronological layer, after every action, the baby stops crying for a short period. If this action -like feeding or changing his cloth or sitting position- didn’t satisfy his internal trigger, he continues to cry again asking for the next action. After some time the mother starts to ask and waits for any reaction that seems acceptance and act upon. After some trials, they both generate their part of the program. When the mam makes this sound, it is followed by this action and this calms this feeling that the baby has. But this other sound is followed by that action and this is not what is needed now. So it will continue to cry. This program evolves with Yes and No indications and then words. After some years, this feeling is translated to a request to go to the WC and then an action to go by himself..

All those try and error attempts are not stored in the early layers of the autopilot programs but what is stored are the few feelings and conclusions:

  • Crying or expressing dissatisfaction can bring benefits.
  • This feeling is an indication that I need to control myself till I go to the proper place for discharging my internal wastes.
  • Emotional pain associated with the experience in case that the family was using physical punishment in response to improper behavior related to eating or defecating.
Education Layer, Second stage of Chronological growth

The education whether being a home schooled as trending now or attending a regular school lays basic knowledge foundations. But, as you grow more in many of the current education systems you will face a strange fact. Your knowledge is not synchronized with the after education life. i.e. Not synced with what you need for a job, being a free lancer or starting a business. Self employed or hired for a job, both requires certain skills that you do not found by default during education. Any how that’s not a virus of its own but lays the foundation for being infected. There are two viruses that are coded into your consciousness during the education process.

Education Trojans that hack our life

First one is the comparison as a motivator or source of envy. Second one is ignoring the individuality of each student. So, they end all competing to be the best in doing the same things others do.

Let us focus on ignoring the individuality and individual creativity of each student. Students are required to be identical copies. To emphasize this, they are compared against the same metrics for evaluation. The target behind this is to create copies that will be easy to manipulate as a group. And, they will move the same path and chase the same job opportunities in the same way. That’s helpful in creating a lot of copies doing the same nature of jobs.

Now, when we have abundance of copies, the job market is looking for replacing the crowd with robots. Why? Robots can do the job quicker and more precise. Moreover they have no human needs of raises and equality.

The virus implanted in the students mind is that they need to compete to be better compared to one fixed scale. It is an infection from the education system, family examples and society.

Individuality: Do you “march to the beat of your own drummer” and reject the status quo? If you define yourself strictly by your own standards and consistently disregard what others believe is the “right way” to live your life, you value individuality.

Tony Robbins

This idea is a virus because it is not serving the host – You -. But, serving the global needs of workers competing with one another to make the same job. It would be better to teach them how to be creative and generate new ways of doing things. Even more, they create new things to do.

Community and Media Chronological layer

One of the great sources for bugs and viruses is the community and the media. For those born after 2000, it is the online media as it is their real community. It is a never ending experience in the sense that every few years it starts shaping you in a different way. Till now this may be not clear for many because they are easily and willingly coded.

This layer starts to exit since our early childhood. Its effect appears clearly after the modulation of the family and school ends. Those physical forms we had spoken about earlier now starts to develop. Who is rich or poor, ugly or beauty, fit or obese, literate or illiterate, successful & failing.

This layer grows thicker as we generate our social relations. The relation with the family members and the big society based on the political party, religion group or sexual orientation. A lot of perceptions generated around those topics are second hand ideas of our community. In different communities within the same country those believes vary i.e. they are programmed differently.


Chronological growth of our subconscious code is bound by the stages we pass by during our growth. We need to understand where bugs come from and repair them. Although our family and teachers are the most trusted persons for some time, question the ideas they had passed to you.

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