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The One Secret Behind Well-Being

What if I told you that there is one key to all the well-being doors we are going to open? What if it really exists “The One Secret Behind Well-Being?”.

What if I told you that there is one key to all the well-being doors we are going to open? What if it really exists “The One Secret Behind Well-Being?”. That’s the summary of tens of books and the focal point of every writer or motivational speaker.

This One Secret Key is always available and always at hand. Sometimes it is easy to catch and use and sometimes it needs some patience to get used to using it.

It is our THOUGHTS

Thoughts shape our lives. Actually we are the universe interpretation of our thoughts. As much as we give it attention, emotions, live it within us till we believe it as much it will come true in our life. Our body is a good example to start elaborating on this idea. We grow up and our body constantly changes which means that it is not constant or a fixed frame. One of the factors that affect how we look is how we think about ” How we will be Looking at a certain age?”

This image is loaded with social conditioning and life experiences. If You ask yourself now what an old person looks like? and at what age does he reaches this image?

You will find the answer very quickly and clearly even you can excel the answer by adding the diseases that he will be suffering and what he can’t and can’t do. Actually this way you are writing this chapter in your life book and the universe has nothing to do but to resonate with your unconscious request and brings this belief to you. This is not abstract talking but it is backed by science

One Secret behind Well-Being: Your thoughts are the key to your reality

In 2005, researchers at Yale studied a group of 76 television viewers. Participants who watched the most television had a more negative view of aging than those who were less-frequent viewers. This is significant because we’re being conditioned to believe that getting older is always a terrible experience and if we take that information to heart then we’ve set ourselves on the path to subconsciously create that future destiny.

Dr. Joe Dispenza , Are You Old?: How Your Thinking Impacts Your Age
Is there an escape?

Sure there is. If you ask for an alternative destiny, it would be offered to you but, just you need to slowly but consistently replace the old belief with a new one that serves you better. Nowadays, it is common to see the stories some fellow humans who had approached or surpassed the 100 years limit and their health and shape is much better than those old days when they used to bring us photos of those over 100 as punch of meat and bones that need to be carried from one place to the other. Nowadays we have success stories that we need to share among ourselves to implant a new image for our future life. If anyone did it, We all can do it.

Is there a valid example?

Yes, Dr. Charles Eugster,  the world record-breaking masters athlete who inspired many with his ‘age is just a number’ attitude. You can read his complete story here.

If examples are not enough, but it turned out to be a media trend now. You can see it in The Guardian article: The 100-year life: how to prolong a healthy mind. Where it says: ” It is an impressive increase: in the early 1900s, the probability of a baby reaching 100 was 1%. A newborn in the UK today has a 50% chance of living to 105.”

Now I think it is time to change our perception which we had drew by our thoughts and believes about the changes that are going through our bodies and see ourselves healthy forever after. That’s key in living the well-being. Any thought of less than optimal health conditions would sabotage our well-being feelings and expectations.

Our thoughts are printed continously on our internal projection screen as though there is an endless running ribbon of thoughts. It is infinite and carries all possible thoughts. Be the observer watch the thoughts you pickup from this ribbon does it bring you happiness or saddness then be the contemplator and then the choice maker that returns this thought and pick another one that allows you to feel better “I am Ok, I feel fine, My weight is getting better”

Dr. Wayne Dayer, Wishes Fulfilled, Chapter 2

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