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A final talk about the soul, Who are we without the soul?

To continue your journey in Life, Follow your soul guidance and extinguish the fight inside you between the energy bodies.

I would like to start our chat around answering the question of what is the soul? by trying to find an answer to the question: “Who are we without the soul?”

This methodology of knowing what a thing is by knowing what it is not, or understanding by knowing the contrast, is widely used and recommended by many spiritual and motivational teachers and speakers. Among them, Abraham Hicks, who advocates that if you don’t know what you want, know first what you do’t want and request what is opposite to it in emotions. So in case you are after manifesting a certain car in you life or a certain partner however you don’t know why you ask for this specific request. Start by asking , what I don’t want in a car or a partner? Then, start to put the specs of what you want as reliable, compassionate, stylish. This will manifest the best version of what you want.

Who are we without the soul?

I would like to start by a piece of information that is available on the world wide web. Without a soul, the body loses its life power and collapses into a punch of chemicals. Those chemicals value between a dollar (1$), 160 $, few thousand Dollars or something in between. You can see this information at How Much Are the Elements in Your Body Worth? and What is your body worth?.

However, there will be one element left which is the “I” or the self. This would be the subject of a coming chat. But in fact, the “I” can’t stand alone in this material dimension without the body and soul; except as a ghost That is a consciousness without a body – If that form of life really exists-.

Now we return to these chemicals that make up our body. Their real value comes from their being alive and they are priceless in this status. Being alive needs a soul that pushes energy through the body organs. If you ever heard about transplantation or organs donation. Literally it means “The process of taking an organ or living tissue and implanting it in another part of the body or in another body.”. This need to be done within a calculated period of time and under certain environment condition. Otherwise, this organ or tissue will start to decompose to the chemicals it was built from.

How the soul vitalizes our bodies?

Follow the soul

Let us start from there were nothing else but some cells and a soul. Far ago on our time line when we were first meant to exist, at about 6 weeks on our timeline, we were under a 1 inch in length but our heart started to beat. That’s a milestone on our life timeline. That’s a sign that there are some power landed in this 1 inch punch of cells. Then these cells split and diversify to make the bones, blood, brain, skin, organs and their deep details. I believe that this orchestral creation was lead by the soul as its maestro. During this time, there were no conscious, subconscious, higher mind, self or ego.

All these energy bodies develop with time along with the development of the material body. During the early few month the baby is fed with some sort of milk. This milk is converted to bones, bold, skin, brain cells and many other different tissues. That’s still the work of the basic program or The Soul. Later in the life timeline, those other energy bodies of the self, consciousness, intellect and emotions develop. Instead of collaboration they try to win a fake battle of whw is in charge over the body. (read more here Key Four, Physical Body, The battlefield ). The soul continue as the basic energy source and reference of this body. But know this body needs more energy from other sources. The ultimate source of this additional energy is the universe or the creator who pushed this soul in this body. This source is the most overlooked one.

During the dominance fight between the mind or the intellect, the ego, the emotions and the self, the body sometimes suffer the interference of unhealthy nutrients, thoughts and emotions among many other factors as electromagnetism. Those physically deforms newly generated cells and lead to the development of some physical abnormalities that we call diseases or malfunction of some organs. Their original source was in the fighting energy bodies.

Why the soul is not leading?

At some stage of our life, unfortunately the body is not capable of continuing its functions. Either it is too weak physically or one of the energy bodies that should be collaborating decided to quit the game. Yes, it is a game where they should collaborate but they forget that and fight against each other and against other external forms of life.

Simply, the soul is not leading because it is not designed to fight. It is just there doing its great role and advising in a low voice. If consciously we hand it the lead by listening to it, it is a wise advisor with a helicopter overview of our life. It will show us the way to live the holistic well-being physically, intellectually and emotionally.

At the end,

Although the soul was the original energy source of our existence and, it continued to be the most important one, we may forget all about it. We decide which energy body shall lead our life. We get seduced by their continuous loud voice and temptation and forget our faithful guide, The Soul.

Don’t get confused, Who decides the winner in each round of the battle is the self or the consciousness. But, sometimes in a biased way. That’s what we are going to chat about in some coming weeks.

Also, leave us a comment below and let us discuss about it.

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