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What is my unique gift?

To enjoy what we do, there are 5 blocks that prevent us from being there. Clear those blocks to find your unique gift. True life starts there.

So what are we really after in this life journey? In a previous chat –The Three faces of Your Coin– we understood that we are the building material of our coin. The other 2 faces of Our Coin, one of them is our unique gift, and the other one is delivering it to the world. But, What is our unique gift?

It is the one thing that we do easily, we enjoy doing it and can spend hours doing it without looking at the time.

Few times, we already know this thing or things. Other times, we are not sure about it. Sometimes, we don’t know it. But, why we don’t know it?

Most of the time when we can’t answer “what we enjoy doing?”. The block is coming from 5 (five) main things:

  • Fifth, Our energy and time are consumed in what we are obliged to do.
  • Fourth, We don’t allocate a slot of time to quiet our mind and listen to our internal voice
  • Third, Having a blurry understanding and confusion between what elevates our internal joy and what entertains us from the outside
  • Second, priorities are missed up
  • First – Foundation, We don’t know where to start from
The Foundation, where to start from:

Today we are going to explore a list of things that we can start now to find our unique gift. Why this step is the foundation one? Because new things ignites a spark within us. This spark of curiosity is extremely helpful in many ways.

  • It ends or at least pushes aside the boredom from repeated days that are all alike
  • We feel enthusiastic towards learning more about this new comer to our life
  • It opens the doors of exploration, try and error
  • Happiness from the small wins are rejuvenated again
  • Energy starts to flow again in our life

All those gains bring life back to our days:

  • Maybe we change our eating schedule or habits
  • Sometimes we spare sometime from recklessly watching social media  because we want to spend more time exploring this new discovery
  • New terms might find its place in our life like scheduling and prioritizing

 That is why to flourish your unique gift and to polish it and present it to the world,it is a foundation step to find something new to do.

If you are reading these lines, then you are online in a way or the other. All that is below is available to you and mostly for free. All you need are: [1] to register and, [2]avoid the temptation of upgrade or having a certificate -unless you need it-. [3] Accept some advertising about paid products.[4] Just focus on learning. Let us go to find some sites to learn from:

  1. learning a skill,
    • A skill is a tool that you can use to perform certain tasks. When you excel in this skill it can unfold your unique gift.
    • For example, if you want to be good at speaking to others or writing.
    • Those skills are tools that will help you grow your online presence on blogs, podcasts and, other social media
    • You can find sites to learn those skill for free as:
  2. trying a new hobby, you may find your gift in it.
  3. reading a book from A-Z,
  4. dressing our hair at home,
    • Whether you are locked down or trying to keep a social distance, hairdressing violates all of this
    • You have enough time to try without regretting the results
    • Just search for “how to learn hairdressing for myself” on Youtube and enjoy
  5. cooking for ourselves, it might be your unique gift
  6. knowing ourselves,
  7. spending more time with someone -younger, elder, mate-, they can guide us to our unique gift
    • While on the Hamster wheel of everyday activities, we may overlook important people in our life.
    • We might be not giving enough attention to our children, parents, or other family members in that age ranges who are colocated with us.
    • Giving them enough attention and time will activate, patience, compassion, wisdom, creativity, curiosity that are innate in them.
  8. starting a meditation or any other spiritual experience,
    • There is a tipping point to the transformation.
    • This tipping point starts from inside
    • Going inside is a marvelous journey to joy
    • If you invest time in it, it is rewarding on the short and long term
    • All spirituality gurus have free programs to start:
      • Chopra center together with Deepak Chopra and Opera Wamfery are constantly offering free 21 days meditation. Now they have one for Hope. When you log on if you don’t find one register and they will send you when one is open.
      • New York Times Bestselling Author Gabby Bernstein, is always offering FREE GUIDED MEDITATIONS
  9. learning something new – for example a digital skill-, your unique gift might be waiting for you there,
  10. reading about something new – as anthropology
    • That’s one of the hacks that will refresh our minds and return us to a meant track in our life
    • Read about something you never read about or gave it attention, this will distract you from repeated thought patterns to explore new skies
  11. applying what we are reading or learning to life,
    • While reading using the above guides, relate it to your own life
    • Reflection on your day to day activities from what you learned will give you a new refreshed life
    • So don’t read about hobbies, select one and do it. Don’t only read about “How to write”, jot some lines.
  12. starting our employment career -mostly now online-,
  13. building your online presence,
    • It is as simple as A B C
    • Go to Blogger, register and start writing
    • Go to youtube as you go everyday, start live
    • As you scroll down on Instagram to watch nice staff,
      • hit the camera sign beside Instagram,
      • select a background
      • record yourself or what you have in hand,
      • speak about anything you like or write how you feel
      • Done -> Publish
  14. elevating your online presence or make it a business,
    • Either you look for reaching more followers for your own self-fulfillment or you want to grow as a brand you need to know these things:
      • If you don’t represent a business then: You are the brand as Opera Wamphry discovered herself years ago.
      • You need to generate content regularly at nearly a steady pace
      • Be consistent in how you are i.e. the social image you present.
      • Look around for articles that educate you on how to improve your social media performance. There are too many out there to recommend a few. They all speak it from a business point of view. Take what suits you and skip the technical jargon.
      • BUT, if you want to grow as a business, then deal with it as a business. Educate your self, invest time and money if you want, learn from peers and be yourself.
  15. offering services e.g. teach others what you know,
    • Select what you can offer service in:
      • Educate others about: Languages, fitness, cooking, skills, and many other possible high demands.
      • Cook for others, shop for others, repair hardware or software staff
      • Mentor or coach others in Business or hobbies

Let your imagination run wild, add up to this list, and grow it as long as you like. This will give you a sense of abundance in the available alternatives in life at the tips of your fingers now and here. If you are reading these lines, then you are online in a way or the other. All that is above is available to you and for free.

We are going to follow this pah in coming posts to climb the steps to enjoy what we do.
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