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What is behind the scene in ourselves!!

Together we will find a pathway to make our own understanding of what is behind the scene in ourselves. Real world examples clarifies it all.

There are lots of talks about the self. There was always a blur vision of the many terms used by the spiritual gurus to describe what is running behind the scene within us. Each guru is explaining or advocating a certain understanding of the self, the ego, the mind and its levels and, the energy bodies. Each of these demonstrations of the relations between all these terms are correct to their presenter. Moreover, it holds one side of the truth. The truth for you and me is what holds itself true to us. So, if you feel one explanation is more resonating to you than another one, there is no problem in that. Maybe after few years, you will resonate to an opposite one or create your own.

Today, you will find a pathway to make your own understanding. Don’t rush to build a complete archetype in this moment. Just read the explanation few times, give yourself a time to think about and discuss with someone close to you who is interested in the same search.

Is it interesting to look behind the apparent side of life?

It was and will remain always attracting to look behind the scenes. That’s why, you find a lot of documentaries describing what is behind the scenes of a movie or a series. Those documentaries are actually giving you a look to the mysterious world running behind the scenes that attracted you and even caused you to hold your breath, turn white dead of fear or feel so excited or motivated as if flying with the birds. Actually, all reality shows are taking us behind the scenes of somebodies life. We love to look behind the closed doors. This was linked for ages with the gossips. The gossip is some information leaked from a closed room.. You can’t find confirmations about it but hear a lot of murmurs about.

What is running behind our scene?

Our scene is the life we live. What is behind the apparent side of our life? The apparent side of our life is what appears to others and what we see in the mirror. Inside us or in other explanations in the vicinity of our bodies electromagnetic field, exists our real identity. There you find the real you that motivates every step in your life and sparks every action or reaction.

We had a close look to the spirit in our previous chats’s. You can find the links below here to refresh your mind about it:

As we agreed the spirit is the basic layer of software that runs and energizes our bodies. You don’t teach the baby to swallow, to cry, to move his hand or leg, to digest and extract the food ingredients and reject the wastes. You don’t teach him to give different reaction to different tastes or to imitate sounds or facial expressions. All these are in the basic layer of software that are delivered with the new born. They are coming pre-programmed in the soul.

All what we do is we teach the baby how to control those actions or reactions. Moreover we repeat words and sounds and facial gestures so he can imitate those. The ability to learn itself is coming in the baby’s initial software and it varies between one baby and the other. One baby is imitating sound quicker and clearer than the other even without having a real meaning to them. Some babies walk earlier or say words earlier than others. However many paper spoke about the effect of environment on this, still the willing to learn and imitate and add new knowledge and tabulate and retrieve them is a unique function of humans. Every penny spent from the billions of dollars dedicated for artificial intelligence is trying to create a similar piece of software:a piece of software having the tendency and willingness to learn, grow and create.

How this is related to the evolution of the self?

All these are layers of software or programs are built in correlation to the environment surrounding the baby. They grow and change with time and in response to different external stimuli. They are built in quickly but with closely linked steps.

Let us relate to one example. We don’t know how to do one thing, then we manage to do it, then we excel it and, finally, it happens without our full awareness of the details. For newly born, at around the year, they are some how walking, maybe stumbling or taking wrong steps and you can see that they do a lot of effort for each step. Moreover, some of these steps are a failure, they fall down and stand up again to continue the new game.

After 2-3 years of age, they run and jump without thinking, stumbling or support. The baby wasn’t born with this skill or ability. It was built up through practice till it is running automatically. Same as 1+1=2, you never think about it, or try to comprehend and relate to it. To teach this concept to a baby you need to show him\her 2 apples and explain the addition process to engrave it visually in his mind. Surely after teaching him what is an apple and how it tastes.

Same idea applies to learning to drive a car. Everyone gets anxious and his hands are wet while driving the car for the first time. This is the case when driving it for a meter not to mention going out to the streets for the first time. This was preceded by learning what is a car, what are its parts, how it moves and of course stops and, what we see around us in the cabin and dashboard. Few years later, you never think about what you will do on a ramp or on a high way. Moreover, you start criticizing those new drivers around you.

Where our software updates come from
Where our self software updates come from?

Where do these autopilot activities come from? How are they stored and how they pop up just in the right time?

If you had ever used a computer, an app on a mobile or even an ATM machine, you will find automatic reactions from the software of those devices. Those reactions are programmed pieces of software to respond to your request. To like an article like this one by default -i.e. you are programmed- you know where is the share button and how it looks and the software knows where to send the link of this article when you share it. For example,you and the software now are well aware of Twitter while prior to 21 March 2006, there was no Twitter app. It was introduced to the software as share for destination and we added it to our “self” software. Know more of how to add new programs that helps you in this video: Live.Imagine.Dream.Feel

In Conclusion,

The evolution we live now is a reflection of our awareness of ourselves and our need to interact with a world that responds to us nearly in a human nature.

Few years ago, it was more intimate to add a human as a contact point to other humans.

Since we came to know that we have natural software programs in our being that evolve and update like those of the computers or machines but, in the case of the self this happens naturally through the interaction to the surrounding environment.

The trend now is to make machines that are more human. Let us demystify ourselves more in a coming chat.

Also, leave us a comment below and let us discuss about it.

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