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Third Key, Expand Your Choices.

To expand your choices you need this secret ingredient that will grow a new thought stream full of fresh supportive ideas.

So far before we expand our choices, we had uncovered 2 keys in our path to well-being which were:

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Now how to expand our choices?

Is there a secret switch that I can turn ON so my thoughts are expanded to new ideas? On an ON-OFF base, surely No.

But, there is a secret ingredient that you can add to your life. It is asking the right QUESTIONS that you can ask your self and wait for answers. They are the seeds of new thoughts into your life.

The Right Seeds grow into the Right Thoughts

The right questions stem from a true intention in your heart to find new things to do, new ways to go, new reactions to repeated situations, new luckily situations to meet you.

Thoughts are used to stream through our minds due to external stimuli. What if we decided to create our internal encouragements for thoughts. Our minds and souls tend to answer our questions, everyone, in his own way. Mind sound is much louder and clearer and appears more rational to us. Its answers are always linked to logical life situations that we are familiar with. Souls’ answers are subtle. They are not coming with any proves but, arising from a future perspective that sees the right path that will lead us to what we want to be.

The usual questions that the society, social media and media shows plants in our minds are fear-based questions. What can go more wrong? What if this undesirable situation lasts? What if I am unable to meet my deadlines? The mind answers with a stream of thoughts going to the worst-case scenario and magnifying our fear.

Let we ask other questions that will encourage our mind to seek answers out-of-the-box that will serve us better.

What can go more wrong? How can life be better?
What if this undesirable situation lasts? Which way will take me to a breakthrough?
What if I am unable to meet my deadlines? How will I reward my self when I finish on time and with quality?
Can I succeed in this project?What I can do to make my project succesful?
Will the economy collapse?How can I benefit from this economy slowdown?

How the Right Questions expand our choices?

Fear-based questions imply predefined answers that society chew as a defense mechanism. It has an apparent good initiative of saving you a hard time. In fact, it locks you in your comfort zone and holds you in your position to face a repeated destiny. The Right Questions will bring new answers that motivate you to step out of the comfort zone. It offers you something new to try that maybe you and your close society didn’t experience before. It shines a light on alternative roads that can take you away from suffering and waiting for someone’s else action.

Once those new thoughts popup, you won’t be confined to choosing between the old reused A and B answers but answer C is now available. Repeat asking and you will have D to Z answers. The practice of asking the new and the right questions about what are the good things that you want in your life will generate a stream of new ideas and thoughts. Stop asking and thinking about what you don’t want. It brings old pre-used answers.

As you you train your mind-muscle for generating a fresh stream of desirable thoughts and results, you expand your choices.

Other keys are coming, wait for them.
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