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The Three Faces of Your Coin

There is hidden link between you and the world. This link is Your Coin. Your gift is needed and awaited for. It can only be received when you mint Your Coin

One of the traditional approaches to our interaction with the world we live in is the materialistic approach based on the value. That’s why we hear a lot of the self-development coaches speaking about “Your Coin”.

The Coin approach is arising from the importance that money gained with time in our life. To demystify this approach we need to analyze the Coin.

The 2 sides of the coin are the Reverse and the Obverse. These 2 sides we can relate one of them to the value of the coin which is usually called the Reverse side. The Obverse side has a symbolic notation that is special to every nation. The faces of the coin vary with the different minting events that the nation would like to celebrate. If you are interested in coins you can delve into Canadian Coins Royal Mint here or the European Central Bank here.


If we need to relate this Coin approach to us, one side is the specific niche that you offer to life and we can relate it to the Obverse. The other side that carries the imprinted value of the coin is the side that your audience focuses on. It is how they preserve the value they receive from you. It is the same Coin but received with different values as seen by different people.

The third side of the Coin is the material the coin is made from; which is You. You are responsible for converting the uniqueness you have which is the Observe side -your niche- to the Reverse side that is received by your audience.

The conversion steps:
  • You need to know what is your unique gift (Obverse side)
  • You need to have: (Material of Your Coin)
    • Willing
    • Intention
    • Insistence
      • To put effort to sharpen and color your gift and make it available within reach of your audience
      • Without Material, There is no Coin.
  • Trust that you have audience (Receiver of the Reverse side)

Your worth is infinite, just convert it.

I would like to start with a quote from Dr Wayne Dyer

Self-Worth comes from one thing, thinking that you are worthy

Wayne Dyer

Our uniqueness is undoubted. Even if we reach a nearby result like others, these results may be bounded by the environment tight standards, but our paths were different.


If you were blessed to spend some time walking in a forest or even beside it, you can notice that all trees reach to the sun regardless of how crowded space is. Those plants that can’t reach the sun transformed and adapted so they can grow in different ways. Meanwhile, they are all trees and leaves of the same type or different types but you won’t find 2 identical branches or leaves. This chaos that looks totally random is perfectly integrated.

The same applies to us, no 2 students study in the same way, though they study the same subject, use the same books and get the same results. Each one of us has his own ingredients that he adds to life.

That’s what we need to believe in. Everyone has his own talents that he can apply starting from this moment just using himself and what he has in his hands to enrich the lives that he can reach. We all have something different that there are people out there in need of it regardless of how simple it is. However, that’s the beauty of our creation. We were created to integrate.

Nowadays our reach is unbounded by our location. A basic mobile phone in your hand with internet access allows you to share your word, experience, smile, wisdom, beauty with the world almost at no cost.

Understanding this, you are now quite sure that what stops you from sharing Your Coin with the world is not the material of your coin. We defined it before as your Willingness, Intention & Insistence. But, it is the polishing of the material to remove the rust or mud that covered its faces.

The creativity of our creation had built within us all that we need to transform our lives in the here and now. Step by step using the same material of our coin which is willingness, intention, and insistence we can polish our coin and share it with the world

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