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The Soul deserves more!!

Our soul dwells in a sacred place within us. Try to reach there. Everything starts from this place and ends to it. Our souls deserves more attention.

I had spoken about the soul in a previous chat as the fifth key that we need to achieve our holistic well-being. We had discussed a primitive analogy for the soul to make it within reach from the perspective of our physical or material world. Further more, We had concluded its ultimate benefit. You can read it all here: Key Five to Well-Being, The Soul. After a while I felt that the soul deserves more time and exploration……

I would like to start by a small short but all inclusive declaration:

Soul is a sacred place within us…..

You don’t need to go anywhere, to any specific place or to any specific one to feel the awe. If you had tried one of the worship places for any religion, you feel this awe while there. This feeling is a mix between the sacredness of the place itself -if any- and the energy that the worshipers had given to the place. Other places like caves, mountain tops and deep forest spots holds the same energy. When you are there the awe filling chills you for a moment, that when you are connected from inside out. You sacred piece of energy called the soul had popped up to the surface to connect to this environment you had encountered.

There are common attributes for the sacred places. You find Silence, small hissing or humming sounds. Lighting is coming from indirect places or through colored filters. They are wide spaces. You feel some gigantic sculptures or structures at a distance. The scents filling the place are not what you are used to. The main target behind all this is to distract you or really extract you from the chaos around you outside this place.

Anytime you want to feel this sacredness, take a deep breath then close you eyes and look inside you. don’t stop at any thought or feeling just let your eyes see while they are closed. You will see the vast space within you which is filled with glittering light shades. That’s where the soul resides. How deep are the feelings and how profound they are correlates with how long you stay there with quiet clear mind. Looking for nothing and expecting nothing.

Repeating this process within your day and along your days will encourage your soul to speak to you in these moments.

What I will find there?

NOTHING.. Believe it or not that’s the ultimate space we target. Why?

When there is nothing, there is no fear, no pain, no grieve, no regret, no attachments and no expectations. While there you can receive pure energy. If we returned back to the material interpretation of the souls as an energy source that feeds our body, then when we are with it, we can receive through it, these energy supplies.

Being in this location frequently we can send pure energy loaded with intentions. This energy we can send it to our bodies for rejuvenating and healing, to someone we care about, to our future visions to fuel them with energy or to our past memories to heal them.

All spirituality gurus, meditation teachers or Reiki healers will guide you through steps to reach to the silence within you. When you are there, they send you healing energies, guide you to implant you intentions to the future, send yourself a healing energy or radiate a positive energy that will take the universe and your loved ones to a better destination.

An example,

One of the intention gurus nowadays who mixed science and spirituality is Lynn McTaggart. She is a best selling author and guides international researches. She’s chiefly known for the quality of her writing and in-depth research, and her books The Field,The Intention Experiment and The Bond. I had attended a workshop with her where we practiced the POWER OF 8 as a healing methodology for some volunteers with medical conditions from the attendees. There were immediate improvement in their feelings towards their illness or suffering.

The point here is in the procedure followed till you issue the energy from you to this person. This procedure starts by a music well selected with vibrations that brings your awareness to the moment and isolates you from the outside world. Then you close you eyes and dive deep in you. From this calm stable center within, you start to send the healing power to the person who is the subject of the experience. This energy is loaded with the image of this person in a healthy cheerful condition.

Simply, She guided us to the energy center within which is our soul. From this point we send the intention.

Another training we had done during this workshop was a trial to send and receive images mentally between pairs. That’s a trial to connect on the soul level. One person makes all his focus on a subject and his pair delves deep into his own soul and asks it to receive the transmission and interpret it. Actually we were Intention101 class or kindergarten class so we received blurry images. But we received something through the souls connection at the energy level.

We shall continue one another chat for some final thoughts and examples about the Soul, again the Soul deserves more.

In conclusion,

Our soul dwells in a sacred place within us. Try to reach there. Everything starts from this place and ends to it.

Also, leave us a comment below and let us discuss about it.

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