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The Second Key: Select New Thoughts!

If some thoughts don’t serve us now or in the long run then we need to Select NEW Thoughts! that serve us best. That’s the power of choice. Choice is a gift

In the Previous Post, we had revealed the importance of our thoughts and had given trustworthy study resources that link our thoughts to our body. And these studies showed that: how our body ages has a direct correlation to our thoughts about our aging expectations and process. So, if some thoughts don’t serve us now or in the long run then we need to Select NEW Thoughts that serve us better.

That’s the power of choice. Being able to Chose is a bless.
Free-flowing thoughts,

Thoughts in our minds are flowing in the form of streams whether consciously with mindfulness or unconsciously in the background. Our brain is all the time doing its job to make all the available data in his storage closets ready for us. Our mind is capable of sensing any situation in the vicinity of our energetic body even if we are not focusing on it. It brings the closest ideas stored in our memory files to the top together with the feelings stored when filing this memory. When we pay attention to these stimuli whether a headline in the news, the sound of an angry neighbor or the smell of a cozy baked cake in the oven, this launches a stream of thoughts. These thoughts either move us backward on the timeline to remind us of past events. Or, draw a picture of the future with color shades of our memories about these events

Control the flow of thoughts,

How speedy is this flow of thoughts, is merely our choice. If we allow our minds to rush freely the thoughts stream, that’s how it will do every time. This occurs if we surrender that this is the normal way and we have no control over it. To have control over anything you need as a first step to be attentive to it.

Step1, come out of the thought stream.

Whether we practiced for some time the slowing down of thoughts or that’s the first time to hear about, it all starts but noticing the thoughts running in your mind and relating them to here and now. Most of the time in the here and now, none of these thoughts are real on the ground. They are just an imaginary constitution created by our memories and feelings.

What happens if we are not aware of our thoughts.

For a moment while you are watching this stream of thoughts move your attention to your breathing or to anything around you. A ticking clock, a turning fan even the sound of silence where you can find nothing to hear is enough. You can watch Deepak Chopra – BREATHING – Meditation Session here. Keep your attention there for a few seconds or minutes don’t push your self hard. Don’t push your mind to stop any thoughts and never ever blame him. While you are shifting your attention to anything outside your thoughts stream it may bounce back. Don’t panic and return it again to what you deliberately have chosen to focus on.

Step2, return back and ask your mind, What we were thinking about before this pause?

You will find that the flowing stream of thoughts is coming back but much slower. Even you can be aware of each thought while it is arising and passing by your mind. By repeating those pauses:

  • you will start to feel better.
  • Your emotional reaction will be less intensive.
  • The pause periods will contain less stray thoughts
Control the quality of thoughts

Now that the pace of thoughts is slower you can watch them more clearly

step 3, watch your thoughts

What are the thought patterns running in your mind? Is it ending all the time in a sad memory or in a time when you were paralyzed by worry and anxiety? Is it reminding you of the results of past experiences that you were not satisfied with?

Are the thoughts projecting a coming scarcity or fear? What you will do if you lost your job? What if one of your loved ones is badly sick? How you will live if markets are closed and you can’t get your needs? Can this project work after all the effort I put in?

Step 4, don’t be worried about the quality of thoughts

If you found that your thoughts were on the negative side of everything whether past or future, don’t worry!!.

It is your ego or caring self trying to keep you alive and safe by alerting you from everything. It is doing this since humanity’s creation and will continue forever. What your ego is proposing to you as thoughts are just a recommendation of what it thinks you should be aware of. Buying the thought and delving deep in it and allowing your emotions to be stimulated by it is your choice.

step 5, introduce new thoughts

Start by acknowledging the alerts you received. Then, schedule some time to create an alternative plan or what we call Plan B.

Then follow that by introducing new questions about the thought patterns you noticed. What if my project succeeded? How shall I feel then? Not all Markets will be closed, can I rational my consumption and get only what I need? Am I really still angry from the neighbors of my old neighborhood? Can I change my grieve for my mother’s death to some charity actions?

The crown of all questions: How can I be happy now? This will open the door to Select new Thoughts!

In summary, if we follow those 5 steps we shall:

  • improve the quality of our thoughts and Select new Thoughts!,
  • slow them down,
  • be here and now where there is only me and a punch of thoughts

Give a try to those 5 Steps we explained in this post, they will elevate your mood. They are:


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