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Last Block cleared. Save your energy for your target

Directing our energy consciously will result in its best utilization. Even if we learnt how to top it up, learn here how to save your energy for your target

We had progressed a lot during our journey to reveal and flourish our unique gift. Here we shall open the last door that separates us from easily excelling our unique skill, talent or role in live It is how to save our energy for our target.

We had discussed how to explore different roads to find which one resonates best with us. We had chatted about ideas to set priorities for our daily tasks. To maintain a high priority ranking for our new talent or skill to protect it from being swept away by our daily routines. Furthermore, we understood that ever-lasting happiness originates from within internal joy and any external entertainment generates an addiction that always looks for more external stimuli.

Then we had listened to our internal guidance. Its low sound is usually subject to be overridden by the noise in our daily life. Other dominating long-running comfort-zone activities masks the messages from our soul. These messages come as low internal voice or something showed up to us. We need to quiet the thoughts to listen to this voice or related those signs that appears to the guidance we want.

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Stop the energy drain!

Stop the energy drain!

That is the last block on our road to flourish our unique gift that the world and we can benefit from it. There are no extra we on the earth. Everyone has a role in the expansion and evolution of humanity. This role is unique as our eye-prints and fingerprints. This role is vital regardless of its perceived size. The mother who cooks, looks after the home and gives love all the time has a vital role in her family. None of the family members would achieve any success in his role without this cozy home and loving mother. The scientist who is mentioned for a new discovery in any of the science fields is a result of a small and large community that collaborated to enable him or her to reach this discovery.

As a ground role of the universal intelligence, everyone is given the energy enough to pursue his role. Or, guided to the energy sources or boosts that is needed for his specific role.

To have an in depth about how to boost your energy in different ways, read this article from the Chopra center: Your Guide to a Natural Energy Boost

An athlete will have a daily share of energy equal to that given to an accountant and an artist. But the athlete will direct his share of energy to his muscles and is taught how to regulate his attention and breathe to boost this energy share. The accountant has this energy in his mind being alerted to numbers and transactions and balances. In addition, he is exhausted physically at the end of the day even he didn’t step out of his desk. An artist will have his entire energy share directed to creativity. After giving birth to his new piece or show, he is like the mother who had given birth to a nice baby; happy, thankful but drained.

What drains this energy from its intended usage?

Well, life is not unidirectional. All of those roles mentioned as examples have more in their life than their unique gift. They all have families, friends, political interests, attraction to entertainment, thought streams, feelings, past experiences and future anticipations.

How much energy ends in each box of the above is our deliberate choice. This choice we deliberately attain or give away. Each of these life attractions or distractions has a valid reason to be demanding even the entertainment. Without the entertainment, we would end up living in a tightly closed container. After a while, we shall be out of oxygen and our internal candle will be put off.

The deliberate choice would be in the balance of the energy consumed by each demanding aspect of life. The balance is not in the equal distribution but in the enough share given to each to survive and flourish.

Taking the social media as an example. We are blessed in this lifetime with the boom of social medial and communication availability. Anything and anyone we want to reach are available here and now just as we think about. There is no time or distance separation. However, do everything we spend time on while in the social media realm is really what we are looking for? or is it pushed in our way?

To understand this we need to start by a question: What we want to do on social media? And most importantly Why?

Answering these two questions will make the time we spend on social media a benefit for us. This is valid even if the answer to why we are on social media was to entertain our selves. At this moment we are conscious about what we do. Hence, we can control it. Try to realize the design of any social media interface. It is built up of infinite stream of feeds that are relevant or irrelevant to us. Being unconsciously flowing with the social media stream consumes more than its fair share of our energy and the other live boxes end up empty.

The social media example is not a unique case. Same is valid for every other life boxes that demands energy; family, friends, work, past regret, future expectation or fears, entertainment and many other life destinations. The demanding stream each of them introduces to our life is endless. We need to put a conscious end to it for now to save our energy for other equally or more important stuff.

In Conclusion,

Our time and our energy are the precious life tools that keeps us a live.

Directing and sharing them deliberately between the daunting daily demands and attraction or distractions is our prime activity.

Everything else will be sufficiently done because now I am in charge of my life

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