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In The Way to your Unique Gift, Block 3: Joy vs Entertainment

From the distractions on our way to make our unique gift a reality, is the misconception that the media entertainment brings joy to our life.

From the distractions on our way to make our unique gift a reality, is the misconception that the entertainment through media or social media brings joy to our life. In our way to unleash our unique gift we are challenged by five (5) blocks that either vents the excitation we have or distracts us. Those blocks can be summarized as:

  1. Not knowing where to start from
  2. Jeopardized priorities in the sense that those items we classified with top priority are not those adding value.
  3. We run after external entertainment instead of unfolding internal deep rooted joy
  4. Spiritual activities and silence time are not part of our daily routine. So we are not clear about our goals and we don’t receive guidance.
  5. We allow our energy to be drained by energy vampires whether they are other people or energy bodies as global conflicts.

In two of the previous chats we had explored the abundant opportunities available in life and outlined how to plan our day, month and deadlines.

You can return to them via the 2 links below:

Joy vs Happiness vs Entertainment

That where the distractions come into the image. Entertainment as defined on Merriam-Webster means: “amusement or diversion provided especially by performers, it may usually be a light comic or adventure novel”. Nowadays amusement or diversion are all the time in our hands, in front of us, running in our head or described to us via a friend. All social media around us are disguised forms of a performer entertaining us or diverting our attention towards it. With the new pace of life this entertainment lasts few minutes to seconds when you are scrolling a social media site. It can extend for hours when you are watching all the Episodes of the series one after the other. Even the excitement of waiting for what will happen in the next Episode of the series is not there, they are all uploaded online to your favorite provider at once.

Entertainment is a useful but temporary tool for distraction

It is helpful to divert your attention from what was consuming you before it. This is useful to kick you out of the rabbit hole of worry and fear. Or the other way round it kicks them out of your life. ATTENTION, that’s a transient state, after it, you need to hold on to your new vibes and push forward to the happiness and joy states. Being addicted to entertainment as a relief, distracts you from the happiness and joy that will pull you completely out of the rabbit hole or push worry permanently out of your life. Keeping entertainment as your only rescue will keep you in the status of walking dead. You feel pleased now, relieved now, while you are entertained. Just few moments after it, worry and fear return to your sight and you return again deep in the darkness of the rabbit hole.

Kick Worry away

Happiness or Joy

That’s one of the dilemma within psychiatrists and self help coaches. The classical approach says that happiness is due to external sources or stimulation and joy is more profound because it emanates from inside out. So, you need to seek Joy.

On the other hand, Abraham Hicks, one of the gurus of self help in our time sees happiness as one of the vibration levels in your way to Joy which is the ultimate state. But, we need to understand Abraham Hicks teachings in its context. These teachings are based on a fact that we need to be equal in our vibration or state of feelings most of the time to what we want in our life. Simply, we should see happiness in what we have in hand to allow other happiness sources to appear in our physical world. That may seem easier to say than to do. In fact, It is not. It just needs some understanding, attention and conscious awareness to reach what we want.

Let we understand how to be there,

Each one of us is unique though we all integrate and affect each other to maintain the big energy body which is the humanity. Due to this uniqueness, how we see life and react to it is different from one person to the other. A corner stone in understanding our feelings is to be clear about how we are built up.

There is a deep pure self within us that has the same default programs of loving others, being of service and compassion. Along the years, there are other layers of programming that are built up over the core program. The core program still exists but it is masked by the new one. The new program is a reflection of what we encounter and realize in life. Though some of it may be fake images pushed to us but we take it as a reality and record it. This new layer of programming labels each situation as good or bad, happy or sad, even happiness or joy. We tend to label the situations and store them with this label. This labels are typed mainly through repeated definition through the social media. So, what the social media enforces as a trendy opinion about something is programmed within our minds as the reality of that thing.

So to be happy, either we wait for the prescribed formula of happiness as that model of a car, that home and this job or, we feel happy of what we have in hand while on our track to achieve next goals.

Same for Joy, either we continue to seek those momentarily pleasures and interpret this status as being in Joy or we spare this time to clear our mind and feel the joy inside.

Next Chat we shall see how to open the windows of our soul to allow joy to lighten our life.

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