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Block 2: what is the priority of your unique gift?

Practical steps to give life to your unique gift by learning how to set a priority for it along with all other daily routines.

As we revealed previously that our ultimate goal in life is to convert our unique gift to be in reach of the world. We are faced with 5 blocks that close our road to revealing our unique gift. The first step we took was to sens the abundance of opportunities available out there. You can read about it in this post: What is my unique gift? any of them can unleash our unique gift. The second step will be setting the priority of our unique gift relative to our daily routine.

Why it is crucial to properly prioritize each of my daily tasks to flourish my unique gift?

Have you ever focused on the attention a newborn need? One of the most vital factors in this attention is the time given to this newborn. The mother whether it is a human mam or dolphin mam has its focus all the time on the newborn. Feeding, protecting and teaching are the cornerstones of this attention. Besides those factors, there is the duration it takes the mam until it feels that things are running in some sort of automated or subconscious mode.

The same applies to the skill or hobby that you expect it to flourish into your unique gift. The time and effort needful for this skill or hobby to grow is the reason why it should be near the top of your priorities.

Though you might have found this new activity interesting, there were other things in your daily routine that are pulling you. These older activities are energetic bodies that attract your attention to them either by showing the best of them or injecting a guiltiness feeling that you ignore them.

The new activity also might seem frustrating for some time. You don’t know how to hold your brush, your words are not following, you compare your output to others and get disappointed and, many other reasons.

This doesn’t mean that you should put it on the top unless you decided that you need to excel it in the shortest possible time.

The “shortest possible time” is here for an intention. Learning anything new takes some steps:

  • Explore it
  • Try it
  • Learn about it
  • Get some training
  • Invest in it (instrument, tools, software)
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Excel more – if you wish-
  • Go live, share it with the worldSharing with the world can come at any stage of the above.
  • Any piece of information can be useful.
  • We are in an era where content is the most consumed product.
  • Even if you intend to issue a saleable product, take time to issue trial and free versions to understand your audience.

Think about these steps and relate to it in your previous experience when you were learning a language, using software, generating some music and so on.

But how to set the priorities for my daily activities and add this newcomer to them??

First Things First. You need to start by knowing what is actually there in your day or week by default. Then, what are the items that are done in one-shot and what are projects that need planning? Lastly, select what you want to do in your day and week.

Let us see what each item means. Make sure that every item must be written as a draft till we reach our plan blueprint.

What actually happens in your day by default need to be recorded. You need to be aware of work time as well as the commuting time. You need to be aware of the time needed to cook the dinner as well as the time needed to purchase the ingredients. Be aware of your rest time, meditation time and socializing time. Writing down all of these will give you a chance to balance between them and cut off time from anyone you see a margin to do this without taking your self too hard.

Then, understand your items and if they are projects. Decide if this is a one-shot task or will it be divided into chunks and expand across some days or weeks. If the item will be planed in chunks, those chunks are what should find a place in your planner. The end target and end date must be marked somewhere in your planner. One of the items that should be in your planner is a one-time weekly item for cross-checking, where are you relative to your finish line. This allows you to reschedule your chunks early enough to avoid the deadline stress.

For me, I think of planning a birthday party as a project that has a deadline and passes by stages that I schedule them as chunks. The party, setting up the location, the sweets, the invitations and, the gift each of them will be done on a day or as a separate step and at the end together they will make a memorable event for the birthday owner.

lastly, think of what you want to do in the next day or week. For each item mark a priority or importance. Write down a list for all that you want in your day even the things you already do by default. If these items don’t fit in a 16 hrs day all-inclusive of your rest time, spiritual practices and meditation, building your skill and so on. You have to make some choices.

Gurus advises for a day planner

How you plan your day? and how you rectify the slippage in your schedule?

There are many ways to find answers to these 2 questions. The best answer that matches you should be concluded after experimenting with different alternate ways. The conclusion should not be based only on the achievement but on how peaceful and satisfied are you feeling at the end of your day. Feeling exhausted and deadly tired might be something that fills a gap within. This happens when you expect an outcome equivalent to the effort you put. The other way round maybe your preferred technique if you value being joyful and at high vibes and, you believe that these feelings help you achieve more.

Near the end, Don’t forget!! proceeding with all that we chat about here target giving a hand in flourishing your unique gift and enjoying it rather than leaving it to slip away between the routine engagements that we might be mistakenly putting them on a high pedestal.

I will leave you with 2 articles from 2 different schools. They will help you understand better your preferences for a daily plan

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