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Are your social firewall and antivirus ready? Code yourself part III

Understand the sources of wrong subroutines codes in your functional subconscious program. Prepare and activate your social firewall and antivirus.

Empowerment self development self help

Self Coding part ii, why you may give up on your free will?!

Know how to decide if this new track or habit is stemmed from your own will and desire or implanted in your way via the media.

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How to program your self ? Part I

How to program your self? Know how to program a new habit through initiation, startup, commitment, consistency, looking at the benefits & parenting yourself

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Learn your own code

If we feel that it is too complicated to understand how the various programs of our self work. Moving back on the timeline to when this program was just a few lines of code will help us understand the case better. Read it in this chat